Definition of Subcontract:

  1. Hire a company or someone outside the company to work on a big project.

  2. Contract, orders or other legal instruments issued under the Central Agreement (from the Central Contractor to a third party, subcontractors) that require the performance of work or production and / or the provision of certain goods or services. The sub-agreement contains specific terms and conditions that are specific to the central agreement and the resulting transfer terms.

  3. A contract for one company or person to work for another company on a larger project.

Synonyms of Subcontract

Assign to others, Contract out, Outsource, Subcontract, Delegate

How to use Subcontract in a sentence?

  1. The administration banned all transactions with its suspected ex-spouse and was disappointed to learn that they had been contracted several times due to financial errors.
  2. We will outsource the translation work.
  3. Outsourcing work
  4. Construction companies usually outsource small jobs to various companies that they do not consider suitable for the contract.
  5. Framework agreements are obtained for legal purposes with the participation of third parties, while all agreements refer to terms based on the framework agreement.

Meaning of Subcontract & Subcontract Definition