Subchapter S Corporation

Subchapter S Corporation,

Subchapter S Corporation: What is the Meaning of Subchapter S Corporation?

  1. A special form of business that allows limited liability protection, but an immediate flow of profits and losses.

Literal Meanings of Subchapter S Corporation


Meanings of S:
  1. Seconds)

  2. Part (of an action)

  3. Shilling (E)

  4. Not married.

  5. Solid

  6. (No tradition) Baby (children)

  7. Success.

  8. Zero refers to electrons and orbits with angular velocity and perfect balance.

  9. Distance (in mathematical formulas).

  10. The 19th letter of the alphabet

  11. Displays the following after R in various elements, categories, etc.

  12. Farm like a capital s.

Sentences of S
  1. m 1991 to s to d


Meanings of Corporation:
  1. A company or group of people that has the authority to act as the sole (legal entity) and is thus legally recognized.

  2. A group of people chose to govern a city, municipality or district.

  3. Stomach

Sentences of Corporation
  1. The applicant is the largest lender of the company and finances its establishment.

  2. Multinational companies took control of the economy, protected by law.

  3. In 1989 he became a director of Asia Brown Bowry Limited, a multinational company.

  4. Companies usually separate legal entities from their shareholders.

  5. The applicant is a Stratford-based company.

  6. A company is a company that is different from other people who are its shareholders or affiliates.

  7. We welcome Indian companies that speak out against multinational companies.

  8. Many large companies have eliminated federal income tax from these deductions in recent years.

  9. This is the focus of discussions between federal prosecutors and companies.

Synonyms of Corporation

firm, business, concern, operation, agency, office, bureau, house, guild, institution, organization, trust, partnership, federation, conglomerate, consortium, syndicate, group, chain, combine