Definition of Subassembly:

  1. A unit assembled separately but designed to be incorporated with other units into a larger manufactured product.

  2. Collection of parts put together as a unit, to be used in the making of a larger assembly or a final or higher item. What may be a subassembly at one point, however, may be an assembly at another.

How to use Subassembly in a sentence?

  1. Once he was certain that each part of the engine was in good condition, the mechanic turned his attention from that subassembly to the rest of the car.
  2. Because the whole firing mechanism housing can be simply removed from the frame by hand, its both easily maintained and repaired in the field and as a separate sub-assembly, vastly simplifies production of the pistol itself.
  3. We put a subassembly together in order to help assist in the larger one we would be working on later.
  4. Everything worked wonderfully until the Delorean hit 86 mph and the flux capacitor subassembly simply dropped out into the middle of the road.

Meaning of Subassembly & Subassembly Definition