Structured Securities

Structured Securities,

Definition of Structured Securities:

  • A simple definition of Structured Securities is: Securities secured by loans which were divided into two or more types of investors whose interest and / or principal payments were allocated in the category of collateral in such a manner that the principal issued by the interest and / or issuer Is not proportional to Received a general mortgage or other basic guarantee.

Literal Meanings of Structured Securities


Meanings of Structured:
  1. Arrangements and relationships between parts or elements of a complex object.

  2. A building or other object that consists of several parts.

  3. Plan or configure, specify a model or organization.

Sentences of Structured
  1. The structure of both sentences is the same

  2. This station has an unusual structure and should not be demolished

  3. Services should be designed to prevent fraud

Synonyms of Structured

construction, form, formation, shape, composition, fabric, anatomy, make-up, constitution, building, edifice, erection, pile, complex, assembly, arrange, organize, order, design, give structure to, assemble, construct, build, put together


Meanings of Securities:
  1. Danger or danger-free state.

  2. Items are held or pledged for the fulfillment of debt obligations and repayments, which are forfeited in the default condition.

  3. A certificate proving the credibility, ownership of bonds, ownership of the exchanged derivative.

Sentences of Securities
  1. This system provides maximum protection against toxic emissions

  2. The money is used as a fundraiser until the final appeal.

  3. The new rules also make donations of mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other securities more attractive.

Synonyms of Securities

protection, defence, guard, shelter, screen, buffer, preventive, precaution, prophylactic, provision, security, safety measure, surety, cover, insurance, indemnity, guarantee, collateral, pledge, bond, investments, shares