Structured Finance

Structured Finance,

Definition of Structured Finance:

  1. A capital management process that typically uses a very serious mix of risk transfer, risk retention and risk financing. Because of this the easiest party risk profile can be adjusted according to the exposure.

  2. Structured finance is a very complex financial instrument offered to large financial institutions or companies with complex financial needs that cannot be met by traditional financial products. Structured finance has been popular in the financial sector since the mid-1980s. Examples of fabricated financial instruments include Guaranteed Debt (CDO), Artificial Financial Instruments, Closed Securities (CBO) and Syndicated Loans.

    • Structured finance is a complex source of financing for companies that usually cannot be solved with traditional financing.
    • Traditional lenders do not usually offer artificial finances.
    • Forged finance products, such as secured loans, are non-transferable.
    • Structured finance is used for risk management and development of financial markets for complex emerging markets.

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Meanings of Structured:
  1. Create a plan to give you a template or organization.

  2. Arrangements and relationships between parts or elements of a complex object.

  3. A building or other object that consists of several parts.

Sentences of Structured
  1. Services need to be created to prevent fraud

  2. The two sentences have the same structure

  3. The station is a great structure and should not be demolished

Synonyms of Structured

fabric, give structure to, complex, construct, erection, anatomy, make-up, arrange, design, construction, form, building, build, constitution, put together, pile, assembly, shape, formation, composition, organize, assemble


Meanings of Finance:
  1. Finance (one person or company)

  2. Especially large sums of money managed by the government or large companies.

Sentences of Finance
  1. Initially, cities and districts funded the project

  2. Company Financial Management

Synonyms of Finance

banking, pay for, money matters, pecuniary matters, money management, subsidize, accounting, back, economics, investment, provide security for, endow, invest in, financial affairs, capitalize, business, fiscal matters, fund, provide capital for, commerce