Structural Engineer

Structural Engineer,

What is The Definition of Structural Engineer?

Structural Engineer means: A professional who studies, plans and designs structures such as buildings, bridges, etc.

Literal Meanings of Structural Engineer


Meanings of Structural:
  1. Associated with or associated with the structure of a building or other element.

Sentences of Structural
  1. The blast caused significant structural damage to ten buildings

Synonyms of Structural

systemic, organizational, constructional, configurational, formational, constitutional


Meanings of Engineer:
  1. People who design, build or maintain machines, machines or public works.

  2. Design and construction (machinery or structure)

Sentences of Engineer
  1. This is important for engineers who design and manufacture products because they are provided with tools that they can use to determine future costs.

  2. Tunnel builders

Synonyms of Engineer

producer, fabricator, form, formulate, planner, architect, developer, put together, designer, builder, creator