Definition of Strip:

  1. Tear the thread or teeth from (a screw, gearwheel, etc.).

  2. Sell off (the assets of a company) for profit.

  3. Securities trading: Separating a fixed interest bond into two new and distinct financial instruments: the corpus (principal part) and coupon (interest part) sold separately to suit the needs of different types of investors. Those seeking capital appreciation buy the corpus (also called principal strip), those seeking a fixed income stream buy the coupon. Called gilt strip in UK.

  4. An act of undressing, especially in a striptease.

  5. Futures and options trading: Triple-option contract consisting of one call option and two put options at the same exercise price and expiration date, and for the same underlying asset.

  6. Remove all coverings from.

  7. (of a bullet) be fired from a rifled gun without spin owing to a loss of surface.

  8. Deprive someone of (rank, power, or property).

  9. Leave bare of accessories or fittings.

Synonyms of Strip

Mystik tape, Scotch tape, Abscind, Adhesive tape, Airstrip, Amputate, Annihilate, Apron, Ban, Band, Bandage, Bandeau, Bankrupt, Bar, Bare, Bark, Batten, Belt, Bereave, Billet, Bleed, Bleed white, Bob, Bolt, Boot, Bounce, Break, Bump, Bust, Call, Can, Cashier, Cellophane tape, Clearway, Clip, Cloth tape, Coil, Confiscate, Crop, Cross-hatching, Cull, Cut, Cut away, Cut off, Cut out, Dash, Decorticate, Defoliate, Defrock, Degrade, Delineation, Demote, Denudate, Denude, Deplume, Depose, Depredate, Deprive, Desecrate, Desolate, Despoil, Devastate, Diagonal, Disarray, Disbar, Discharge, Disemploy, Dismantle, Dismember, Dismiss, Displace, Displume, Dispossess, Disrobe, Divest, Do a strip-tease, Dock, Doff, Dotted line, Drain, Draw and quarter, Drum out, Dry, Eliminate, Enucleate, Eradicate, Except, Excise, Exclude, Excoriate, Exhaust, Expel, Expose, Expropriate, Extinguish, Extirpate, Fairway, Fascia, Fillet, Fire, Flay, Fleece, Flight deck, Friction tape, Furlough, Girdle, Give the ax, Give the gate, Hachure, Hairline, Hatching, Impoverish, Ingot, Isolate, Kick, Kick upstairs, Knock off, Lacerate, Landing deck, Landing strip, Lath, Lay bare, Lay off, Lay open, Let go, Let out, Ligula, Ligule, Line, Lineation, List, Loot, Lop, Maim, Make redundant, Mangle, Masking tape, Milk, Mutilate, Nip, Option, Pare, Part, Peel, Pension off, Pick clean, Pick out, Pick to pieces, Piece, Pillage, Plank, Plastic tape, Pluck, Plunder, Portion, Prune, Pull apart, Put, Put and call, Ransack, Read out of, Release, Remove, Replace, Retire, Ribband, Ribbon, Right, Rip off, Rob, Rod, Roll, Root out, Rule out, Run, Runway, Sack, Scale, Scalp, Score, Section, Segment, Seize, Separate forcibly, Set apart, Set aside, Shave, Shear, Shred, Skin, Slab, Slash, Slat, Slip, Spill, Spline, Spoliate, Spread, Stamp out, Stick, Stock option, Straddle, Strake, Strap, Streak, Streaking, Striation, Strike off, String, Strip bare, Strip off, Stripe, Striping, Stripping, Stroke, Strop, Sublineation, Suck dry, Superannuate, Surplus, Suspend, Swath, Swathe, Taenia, Take apart, Take away, Take off, Take out, Tape, Tape measure, Tapeline, Tear apart, Tear to pieces, Tear to tatters, Ticker tape, Truncate, Turn off, Turn out, Unarray, Uncase, Uncloak, Unclothe, Uncover, Underline, Underlining, Underscore, Underscoring, Undrape, Undress, Unfrock, Unsheathe, Unveil, Virgule, Waste, Wipe out, Take away from, Dispossess, Deprive, Confiscate, Divest, Relieve, Deny, Rob, Empty, Clear, Clean out, Plunder, Rob, Burgle, Loot, Rifle, Pillage, Ransack, Gut, Lay bare, Devastate, Sack, Ravage, Raid

How to use Strip in a sentence?

  1. One is that the CEOs in question will be powerful enough to strip assets from their companies for their own gain - and get away with it.
  2. Thieves stripped the room of luggage.
  3. Getting the screw out can strip the bushing threads in the frame.
  4. The lieutenant was stripped of his rank.
  5. They stripped the bed.
  6. She got drunk and did a strip on top of the piano.

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