Definition of Strikebreaker:

  1. An individual who continues to work despite the rest of the employees going on strike. Most of the time, a strikebreaker is an individual hired before or during the strike to keep the companys production or services in motion during the strike. Also called scab.

Synonyms of Strikebreaker

Apostate, Backslider, Blackleg, Bolter, Collaborationist, Collaborator, Convert, Defector, Deserter, Fifth columnist, Fink, Mugwump, Proselyte, Quisling, Rat, Recidivist, Recreant, Renegade, Renegado, Renegate, Reversionist, Runagate, Scab, Schismatic, Seceder, Secessionist, Separatist, Tergiversant, Tergiversator, Traitor, Turnabout, Turncoat, Turntail

Meaning of Strikebreaker & Strikebreaker Definition