Definition of Strike:

  1. Collective, organized, cessation or slowdown of work by employees, to force acceptance of their demands by the employer. In most jurisdictions require that to be legal (1) a strike must be approved by the majority of the employees in a secret ballot, (2) the ballot must be subject to independent verification if the number of employees exceeds a certain number (commonly 50), (3) a notice of the impending strike ballot must be given to the employer a certain number of days in advance (commonly seven), (4) the employer must be provided with the results of the ballot and, thereafter, (5) a notice of the unions intention to proceed with the strike must be given to the employer a certain number of days in advance (commonly seven). Also called strike action or industrial action. See also lockout.

  2. A discovery of gold, minerals, or oil by drilling or mining.

  3. (of a clock) indicate the time by sounding a chime or stroke.

  4. Take down (a tent or the tents of an encampment).

  5. Insert (a cutting of a plant) in soil to take root.

  6. A refusal to work organized by a body of employees as a form of protest, typically in an attempt to gain a concession or concessions from their employer.

  7. Ignite (a match) by rubbing it briskly against an abrasive surface.

  8. (of a thought or idea) come into the mind of (someone) suddenly or unexpectedly.

  9. A sudden attack, typically a military one.

  10. (of a disaster, disease, or other unwelcome phenomenon) occur suddenly and have harmful or damaging effects on.

  11. Short for fly strike.

  12. Secure a hook in the mouth of a fish by jerking or tightening the line after it has taken the bait or fly.

  13. A pitch that is counted against the batter, in particular one that the batter swings at and misses, or that passes through the strike zone without the batter swinging, or that the batter hits foul (unless two strikes have already been called). A batter accumulating three strikes is out.

  14. Make (a coin or medal) by stamping metal.

  15. Cancel, remove, or cross out with or as if with a pen.

  16. Discover (gold, minerals, or oil) by drilling or mining.

  17. Reach, achieve, or agree to (something involving agreement, balance, or compromise).

  18. (of employees) refuse to work as a form of organized protest, typically in an attempt to obtain a particular concession or concessions from their employer.

  19. The horizontal or compass direction of a stratum, fault, or other geological feature.

  20. Hit forcibly and deliberately with ones hand or a weapon or other implement.

  21. Move or proceed vigorously or purposefully.

Synonyms of Strike

Discover, Find, Come upon, Light on, Chance on, Happen on, Stumble across, Stumble on, Unearth, Uncover, Turn up, Find, Discovery, Unearthing, Uncovering, Occur to, Come to, Dawn on one, Hit, Take down, Pull down, Bring down, Abbreviate, Abridge, Administer, Adopt, Advance against, Advance upon, Affect, Afflict, Aggravated assault, Aggression, Agree on, Aim, Ambush, Amphibious attack, Arise, Armed assault, Arrest, Arrest the thoughts, Arrive at, Assail, Assailing, Assailment, Assault, Assume, Attack, Attain, Bang, Bang into, Banzai attack, Bash, Bat, Batter, Bear down upon, Beat, Beef, Belabor, Bell, Belt, Beset, Biff, Birch, Bitch, Blitz, Blitzkrieg, Blot out, Blow it, Bludgeon, Blue-pencil, Boggle, Bonk, Bop, Bowdlerize, Box, Box the ears, Boycott, Boycottage, Breakthrough, Bring out, Bringing to light, Buffet, Bump, Bump into, Bushwhack, Call a strike, Call in question, Call it quits, Cancel, Cane, Cannon, Carom, Carom into, Carry, Casual discovery, Catch, Catch the thoughts, Catching, Censor, Challenge, Chance discovery, Chance upon, Charge, Check, Checkmate, Clap, Clash, Clip, Clobber, Close down, Close shop, Clout, Club, Clump, Cock, Coldcock, Collide, Come a cropper, Come across, Come at, Come down on, Come home to, Come into collision, Come to, Come to mind, Come up with, Complain, Complaint, Compunction, Conclude, Concuss, Confirm, Confront each other, Conjure up, Conk, Contrive, Counterattack, Counteroffensive, Coup de main, Crack, Crack down on, Crack up, Crash, Crash into, Cripple, Crippling attack, Cross out, Crown, Crump, Crunch, Cry out against, Cudgel, Cuff, Cut, Cutoff, Dash, Dash into, Dawn on, Dawn upon one, Dead set at, Dead stop, Deadlock, Deal, Deal a blow, Deck, Delete, Deliver, Demonstrate, Demonstrate against, Demonstration, Demur, Demurrer, Descend on, Descend upon, Descent on, Detection, Determination, Determine, Determining, Detonate, Devise, Ding, Direct, Disable, Discharge, Disclosure, Discover, Discovery, Dismantle, Display, Dispute, Distinguishment, Diversion, Diversionary attack, Dream up, Drive, Drop, Edit, Edit out, Eject, Eliminate, Encounter, End, Endgame, Ending, Engrave, Enter a protest, Eradicate, Erase, Espial, Excavation, Exception, Excruciate, Exhumation, Expostulate, Expostulation, Exposure, Expunge, Expurgate, Fail, Fall, Fall foul of, Fall on, Fall upon, Feign, Fell, Fetch, Fetch a blow, Final whistle, Find, Find out, Finding, Finding out, Fire, Fire off, Flank, Flank attack, Flog, Flop, Foul, Frontal attack, Full stop, Gang up on, Gas, Gas attack, Get, Get nowhere, Get out, Go at, Go for, Go into, Go on strike, Go out, Goal, Grab, Grab one, Grand slam, Grievance, Grievance committee, Grinding halt, Gun, Gun for, Halt, Hammer, Harrow, Harry, Have at, Head-on attack, Hectograph, Hit, Hit a clip, Hit against, Hit like lightning, Hit the mark, Hit upon, Hold out, Hole, Hole in one, Holler, Home run, Homer, Horsewhip, Howl, Hunt down, Hurt, Hurtle, Ignite, Impact, Impinge, Implant, Impress, Impress forcibly, Imprint, Improvise, Incapacitate, Indignation meeting, Indispose, Induce, Infiltrate, Infiltration, Inflict, Influence, Inspire, Insurge, Insurrect, Invalid, Invent, Invention, Issue, Jab, Job action, Jump, Kick, Kill, Knock, Knock against, Knock cold, Knock down, Knock off, Knock out, Lambaste, Land on, Lash, Launch an attack, Lay at, Lay hands on, Lay into, Lay off, Let fly, Let have it, Let off, Light, Light into, Lightning attack, Lightning war, Load, Locate, Locating, Location, Lock out, Lockout, Lucky strike, Mace, Make, Make an impression, March, March against, March upon, Martyr, Mass attack, Meet, Megadeath, Mimeograph, Mint, Miss the boat, Mount an attack, Mount the barricades, Move, Mug, Mugging, Multigraph, Mutineer, Mutiny, Nail, Nonviolent protest, Object, Objection, Obliterate, Occur, Occur to, Offense, Offensive, Offer itself, Omit, Onset, Onslaught, Open an offensive, Outlaw strike, Overkill, Overprint, Overthrow, Panzer warfare, Paste, Pelt, Pepper, Percuss, Pick off, Picket, Picketing, Pistol, Pitch into, Plug, Plunk, Poke, Pommel, Pop, Pot, Potshoot, Potshot, Pounce upon, Pound, Present itself, Press objections, Prime, Print, Proof, Protest, Protest demonstration, Protestation, Prove, Publish, Puck, Pull, Pull a proof, Pummel, Punch, Push, Put on, Put out, Put to bed, Put to press, Qualm, Rack, Raise a howl, Rally, Ratify, Reach, Rebel, Recognition, Rediscover, Rediscovery, Register with, Reissue, Reluct, Reluctate, Remonstrance, Remonstrate, Remonstration, Remove, Reprint, Rescind, Revelation, Revolt, Revolute, Revolution, Revolutionize, Riddle, Riot, Rise, Rise to mind, Rise up, Rock, Rub out, Rulebook slowdown, Run, Run against, Run at, Run down, Run into, Run off, Run riot, Run to earth, Rush, Sail into, Sally, Score, Scourge, Scratch, Scruple, Secure, Serendipity, Set on, Set upon, Settle on, Shock tactics, Shoot, Shoot at, Shoot down, Shut down, Shut it down, Shut up shop, Sick-in, Sideswipe, Sink in, Sit down, Sit in, Sit-down, Sit-down strike, Sit-in, Slam, Slam into, Slap, Slap the face, Slat, Slog, Slosh, Slow down, Slowdown, Slug, Smack, Smack into, Smash, Smash into, Smash up, Smite, Snap, Snipe, Soak, Sock, Sortie, Spotting, Squawk, Stalemate, Stamp, Stand, Standoff, Standstill, State a grievance, Stay, Stick out, Stop, Stoppage, Storm, Strike against, Strike at, Strike hard, Strike home, Strike off, Strike out, Strike the mind, Strike up, Stumble on, Subvert, Suggest itself, Surprise, Swap, Swat, Sway, Swipe, Swoop down on, Sympathy strike, Take, Take a potshot, Take apart, Take away, Take on, Take the offensive, Teach in, Teach-in, Tell, Thrash, Thrust, Thump, Thwack, Tie-up, Torment, Torpedo, Torture, Touch, Touchdown, Trace, Trace down, Track down, Traumatize, Treasure trove, Trouvaille, Trove, Try, Turnout, Uncovering, Unearthing, Unprovoked assault, Void, Wade into, Walk out, Walkout, Wallop, Whack, Wham, Whip, Whomp, Whop, Wildcat strike, Wipe out, Work out, Work stoppage, Wring, Yell bloody murder, Yerk, Achieve, Reach, Arrive at, Find, Attain, Effect, Establish, Bang, Beat, Hit, Pound, Ignite, Light, Industrial action, Walkout, Affect, Afflict, Attack, Hit, Come upon, Smite, Mint, Stamp, Stamp out, Strike, Cast, Punch, Die, Mould, Forge, Make, Manufacture, Produce, Go, Make ones way, Set out, Head, Direct ones footsteps, Move towards, Take industrial action, Go on strike, Down tools, Walk out, Work to rule, Delete, Strike out, Strike through, Ink out, Score out, Scratch out, Block out, Blank out, Edit out, Blue-pencil, Cancel, Eliminate, Obliterate, Attack, Air strike, Air attack, Assault, Bombing, Blitz

How to use Strike in a sentence?

  1. Because of the writers strike no new scripts could be produced for the excellent show Pushing Daisies and so the show was cancelled by the network.
  2. He raised his hand, as if to strike me.
  3. The church clock struck twelve.
  4. We are not being paid legal wages. We must stop working and go out in front of the site to strike for them to hear our needs.
  5. The match went out and he struck another.
  6. They struck similar medals on behalf of the Normandy veterans.
  7. Sometimes when workers arent happy they will go on strike causing the company to have to seriously consider their demands.
  8. The team has struck a deal with a sports marketing agency.
  9. Best results are obtained from striking them in a propagator.
  10. Dockers voted for an all-out strike.
  11. Workers may strike over threatened job losses.
  12. Only when the rod tip pulls hard over and the fish starts to run with the bait should you strike to set the hook.
  13. If they do strike oil, there will be another test well in a years time.
  14. The threat of nuclear strikes.
  15. Strike his name from the list.
  16. By the time the batter swung, strike three was already in the catchers mitt.
  17. A disturbing thought struck Melissa.
  18. An earthquake struck the island.
  19. The Lena goldfields strike of 1912.
  20. Incremental changes in the strike of some of the folds occur across these right-lateral faults, with more east-west orientations to the east.
  21. She struck out into the lake with a practiced crawl.
  22. It took ages to strike camp.

Meaning of Strike & Strike Definition