Street Dance Filme

Street Dance Filme

Streetdance movie summary should be worldwide and huh? 3

What kind of movie street dance should there be in the whole world?


My goal was to win a street dance competition, forcing a team to teach dancers in exchange for using the Royal School of Dance or taking a Spaniard on a train. About how not to look different or more or to the extent of each style.

In this way, Nà £ o Melr Danúarina de Street can compete with Carly (Nicla Burley). She falls in love with Dana Chigo, the finalist at the English Street Dance Championships, with the charismatic haired Jay (Yukweli) and his group. But that changed when Jay left Carly and the group. Made entirely by Rastus, Carly is struggling to prove to a group or her and herself - who can guide you. But, when you don't have the space or the ability to test, your leadership skills become very questionable. Sudden salvation with ballet teacher Helena (Charlotte Rampling). Impressed by Carly's hair skills and enthusiasm and tell the truth, stand in front of them: we can't teach gym ballet lessons, changing oil with a serious classical dancer


Charlotte Rampling as Helena

Rachel McDowell Isabella

Nikla Burley Carly

Richard Winsor D. Thomas

Frank Harper - Fred

Chris Wilson Cafe Peace

Jeremy Sheffield - Michael

George Simpson - Ed

Sia Gregory   Chloe

Eleanor Brown Sweet Florey.

Yukweli - J.

True Chang Amy

Patrick Balady - Mr. Harding

Perfect dance team

Tamika Ampson Sheronda

Jocelyn Jee Esien € Delilah

Jennifer Living on Becks

rsity dance team

Picano - Aunty Theater

Tenisha Bonner

Brendan Conway Ant Dancer / Member

Lex Milczarek - Boogie

Ryan Keys - Ballerina

Hugo Courts Gift

Daniela Masterson - Dancer

Mark Tristan Eccles - The Modern Man in the Park

Daily Charles Frankie

This year

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Street Dance Filme