Definition of Strategic:

  1. Relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.

  2. Decisions or plans designed to impact favorably the key factors on which the desired outcome of an organization, game, system, venture, or war, depends. See also tactical.

Synonyms of Strategic

Planned, Calculated, Deliberate, Machiavellian, Machiavellic, Acute, Arch, Arranged, Artful, Astute, Blueprinted, Cagey, Calculated, Canny, Cardinal, Charted, Clever, Contrived, Crafty, Critical, Crucial, Cunning, Cute, Deceitful, Deep, Deep-laid, Designed, Designing, Devised, Diplomatic, Feline, Figured, Foxy, Guileful, In the works, Ingenious, Insidious, Inventive, Key, Knowing, Methodized, On the agenda, On the anvil, On the calendar, On the carpet, On the docket, On the tapis, Organized, Pawky, Planned, Plotted, Politic, Principal, Projected, Rationalized, Ready, Resourceful, Scheduled, Schematized, Scheming, Serpentine, Set, Shaped, Sharp, Shifty, Shrewd, Slick, Slippery, Sly, Smooth, Snaky, Sneaky, Sophistical, Stealthy, Strategetic, Subtile, Subtle, Supple, Sur le tapis, Systematized, Tactical, Trickish, Tricksy, Tricky, Vital, Vulpine, Wary, Wily, Worked out

How to use Strategic in a sentence?

  1. The company should take strategic actions to cope with fundamental changes in the environment.

Meaning of Strategic & Strategic Definition

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