Strategic Range

Strategic Range,

What is The Definition of Strategic Range?

  1. Minimum and maximum weight allowed in each area of ​​investment. This limit depends on the type of discretion and is rarely changed.

Literal Meanings of Strategic Range


Meanings of Strategic:
  1. In terms of identifying long-term or global goals and interests and the means to achieve them.

Sentences of Strategic
  1. Companies must take strategic steps to address fundamental changes in the environment

Synonyms of Strategic

deliberate, planned, calculated


Meanings of Range:
  1. It varies or spreads between different boundaries.

  2. Arrange or arrange on one or more lines or in a particular order or style.

  3. (A person or animal) travels or explores a large area.

  4. Achieve the target range by adjusting the target after firing up or down or using radar or laser devices.

  5. The range of variation between upper and lower limits on a given scale.

  6. Many different things of the same general type.

  7. The distance at which an object can be reached or felt.

  8. A line or range of mountains or hills.

  9. Large open space for grazing or hunting.

  10. Electric or gas stove with multiple burners and one or more ovens.

  11. A rock that stretches from one end to the other.

  12. The direction or position is something.

Sentences of Range
  1. Patients between the ages of 13 and 25

  2. A table with half a dozen chairs around it

  3. The patrol reaches enemy territory for thousands of kilometers

  4. It looks like a radar transmission is running on our convoy

  5. The daily cost is about 15 15 million.

  6. The region offers a variety of activities for tourists

  7. Something is hidden from view

  8. Northwest Coast

  9. On the holiday farm, tourists find new western clothing to explore the diversity.

  10. Wood burning stove

  11. A range of hills and valleys that stretches almost from north to south

Synonyms of Range

traverse, scale, meander, stove, ramble, dispose, set out, gamut, hearing distance, earshot, sound, sweep, paddock, range, hike, ambit, put in order, line up, kitchen stove, grassland