Strategic goals

Strategic goals,

Definition of Strategic goals:

  1. The planned objectives that an organization strives to achieve. Most senior managers will take the time to develop and articulate appropriate strategic goals for their business in order to demonstrate to subordinate employees what their plans and vision for the company are. Such strategic goals should be achievable and should reflect a realistic assessment of the current and projected business environment.

How to use Strategic goals in a sentence?

  1. Our strategic goals were outlined and our manager felt that there was no reason for us to not succeed in the workplace.
  2. We started our year with a list of strategic goals which well use to guide our day-to-day decisions in an effort to meet internal and external customer expectations and business objectives.
  3. During our meeting, our senior finance manager talked about some strategic goals for us to obtain, and some ways on how to do so.

Meaning of Strategic goals & Strategic goals Definition