Strategic gap analysis

Strategic gap analysis,

Definition of Strategic gap analysis:

  1. Forecasting technique in which the difference between the desired performance levels and the extrapolated (see extrapolation) results of the current performance levels is measured and examined. This measurement indicates what needs to be done and what resources are required to achieve the goals of an organizations strategy.

  2. Strategic gap analysis is a business management technique that requires an evaluation of the difference between a business endeavor's best possible outcome and the actual outcome. It includes recommendations on steps that can be taken to close the gap.

  3. Strategic gap analysis aims to determine what specific steps a company can take to achieve a particular goal. A range of factors including the time frame, management performance, and budget constraints are looked at critically in order to identify shortcomings.

How to use Strategic gap analysis in a sentence?

  1. The analysis identifies the steps that must be taken to close that gap.
  2. For a business or other organization, the analysis can lead to an action plan for greater success.
  3. Strategic gap analysis measures the difference between an ideal outcome and the real outcome.

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