Straddles means,

  1. These options trading strategies take advantage of the expected fluctuations, even when investors are not sure in which direction the stock price will go.

Meanings of Straddles

  1. Sit or stand with one leg on each side.

  2. Sit or stand with your feet together.

  3. Simultaneous purchase of options for buying and selling a security or commodity at a fixed price that allows the buyer to make a profit regardless of whether the price of the security or commodity increases.

Sentences of Straddles

  1. Change the chair and spread

  2. Lying on it like a knight

  3. If you feel that the saturation point has been reached, you reverse your position: you change the current frame to the opposite side.

Synonyms of Straddles

ride , bestraddle , stand astride, bestraddle, bestride, sit astride, mount