Stowers Doctrine

Stowers Doctrine,

Definition of Stowers Doctrine:

  1. Stowers Doctrine refers to Announces that the insured person acting on behalf of the insurers is obliged to pay the Texas, G.A. Stores Furniture Company v. The United States has not been harmed. Company, 15 S.W.2d 544 (Common Tax. 1929 Order). The courts interpreted the obligation to use standard insurance policy language, which means that liability insurance has complete control over defensive behavior. Therefore, handling liability claims is entirely at the discretion of the insurance contractor. If the aggrieved party makes an initial offer to settle the claim due within the limits of insurance coverage, the insurer is not bound to accept the offer and has the contractual right to sue. To protect policyholders from abuse, courts oblige insurance companies to act in good faith, if they decide to refuse to offer a pre-trial settlement within the limits of insurance. If the insurer acts improperly and refuses to offer a good settlement agreement residing within the limits of insurance, it ruthlessly sues the court, loses and the jury rules against the insurance. Reverses the amount above the failed insurer limit. . You will have to pay for all decisions according to the stores theory, including over-the-counter insurance premiums.

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Meanings of Doctrine:
  1. A doctrine or set of beliefs that is represented and taught by a church, political party, or other group.

  2. Government policy, especially in foreign or military affairs, policy principles.

Sentences of Doctrine
  1. Other missionaries are only struggling to teach church doctrine.

  2. He gained popularity because of the false belief that he was invalidating the teachings of the Orthodox Month.

  3. Both groups adhere to the old and outdated ideology of party politics.

  4. Ironically, he escaped from political ideology and became involved in music ideology.

  5. In general, I believe that classical political teachings will be seriously changed.

  6. We are moving away from the system of medieval beliefs and superstitious beliefs.

Synonyms of Doctrine

code, injunction, order, statute, direction, code of belief, belief, dogma, set of beliefs, doctrine, ordinance, working principle, dictate, conviction, commandment, rule, command, law, decree, mandate