Definition of Stowage:

  1. The action or manner of stowing something.

  2. Placement (lading) of cargo in an aircraft or ship in a manner that provides optimum safety for the vessel and the cargo, gives maximum space usage, and allows easy access to cargo at the point of offloading.

Synonyms of Stowage

Accommodation, Allocation, Assignment, Burden, Capacity, Cold storage, Collocation, Conservation, Content, Cordage, Custody, Dead storage, Deployment, Deposit, Deposition, Disposition, Dry storage, Emplacement, Guardianship, Lading, Limit, Loading, Localization, Locating, Location, Measure, Packing, Pinpointing, Placement, Placing, Positioning, Posting, Poundage, Preservation, Putting, Quantity, Reposition, Room, Safekeeping, Shelf-room, Situation, Space, Spotting, Stationing, Storage, Storage space, Tonnage, Volume, Warehousing

How to use Stowage in a sentence?

  1. The art of stowage.

Meaning of Stowage & Stowage Definition