Definition of Storyboard:

  1. Blueprint that depicts the sequence of the key scenes (setting, dialogue, and action) of a television commercial with pictures or sketches and text. Presented by an advertising agency, it helps the client to visualize the concept and in deciding whether or not to proceed with the final (audiovisual) production.

  2. A sequence of drawings, typically with some directions and dialogue, representing the shots planned for a movie or television production.

Synonyms of Storyboard

Rough idea, Thumbnail sketch, Rundown, Quick rundown, Abbreviated version, Summary, Synopsis, Résumé, Precis, Abridgement, Abstract, Reduction, Digest

How to use Storyboard in a sentence?

  1. For this television advertisement, well need a storyboard that outlines the primary message while targeting a major national demographic for our product.
  2. Rebecca produced a storyboard to help visually illustrate the progression of scenes that she wanted to include in the commercial.
  3. Sometimes ideas are best expressed in visual ways so we used a storyboard to communicate our plan of action to the world.
  4. The storyboard montage consists of storyboards and scenes from the film edited together and then shown with some dance music in the background.

Meaning of Storyboard & Storyboard Definition


How To Define Storyboard?

  1. It is used in movies, television programs, etc., in pictures or images that reflect the scene being filmed.

Meanings of Storyboard

  1. Usually with some instructions and dialogue, a series of pictures showing the planned plans for the production of a movie or television.

Sentences of Storyboard

  1. The storyboard modification consists of storyboards and movie scenes that are cut together and then shown with background dance music.