Definition of Stores:

  1. Department or function associated with the holding and issuance of inventory items. See also store.

  2. A shop of any size or kind.

  3. A sheep, steer, cow, or pig acquired or kept for fattening.

  4. Keep or accumulate (something) for future use.

  5. A quantity or supply of something kept for use as needed.

Synonyms of Stores

Shop, Retail outlet, Reseller, Department store, Chain store, Emporium, Keep, Keep in reserve, Stow, Stockpile, Lay aside, Lay in, Set aside, Put away, Put down, Put to one side, Deposit, Save, Hoard, Cache, Supply, Stock, Stockpile, Reserve, Cache, Hoard, Accumulation, Cumulation, Quantity, Pile, Heap, Load

How to use Stores in a sentence?

  1. A small room used for storing furniture.
  2. The squirrel has a store of food.
  3. Dry cows and heifers will suffer no setback through being indoors for a couple of weeks and next in line would be yearling cattle and forward stores.
  4. A health-food store.

Meaning of Stores & Stores Definition

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