Storekeepers Burglary And Robbery Policy

Storekeepers Burglary And Robbery Policy,

What is The Meaning of Storekeepers Burglary And Robbery Policy?

  1. Meaning of Storekeepers Burglary And Robbery Policy: Office Insurance Services, Inc. (ISO), White Collar Crime Protection Plan No. 4, which includes Coverage Form D, Theft and Theft - Assets Other Than Money and Value (CR 00 05), and Form E of the Insured ۔ , House looting (CR) 00 06). It covers the loss of property in addition to money and valuables through theft and theft.

  2. The definition of Storekeepers Burglary And Robbery Policy is: Theft and contract theft policy is limited to small retail stores with trade risks including theft of goods, entry or exit, kidnapping, safe theft, theft of night camps and damage to property and facilities. This policy does not cover losses due to dishonesty and dismissal of employees.

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Meanings of Storekeepers:
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Meanings of Burglary:
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  1. Two years in prison for theft

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Meanings of Robbery:
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