Storage Support Services

Storage Support Services

This segment includes tape libraries, optical libraries, hard drive upgrades/replacements, and RAID-based storage services.

Literal Meanings of Storage Support Services


Meanings of Storage:
  1. The act of storing goods in the condition in which they are stored.

  2. (usually countable) An item or place where something is stored.

  3. (usually uncountable) Any computing device, including a hard drive, that stores data longer than RAM.

  4. Price of storage of goods.

  5. Set aside for storage.

Sentences of Storage
  1. There is plenty of storage space in the attic.

  2. I recommend backing up these files to memory before reinstalling the OS.


Meanings of Support:
  1. (sometimes attributable) Some support.

  2. Financial or other support.

  3. I answer questions and resolve issues related to something that has been sold.

  4. From the point of view of a function, the set of points at which the function is not zero, or the closure of this set.

  5. (Fuzzy set theory) A set whose elements are at least partially contained in some fuzzy set (that is, whose degree of membership in this fuzzy set is strictly greater than zero).

  6. Compatibility and functionality for a particular product or functionality.

  7. An actor who plays a supporting role for a star.

  8. Musical accompaniment.

  9. (Static calculation) Support for horizontal, vertical or rotating structures: mobile, articulated, stationary.

  10. Do not fall.

  11. To answer questions and resolve issues related to something that has been sold.

  12. Support the goal, the party, etc. mentally or with practical help.

  13. Help, especially financially.

  14. Tick ​​to land well to create support.

  15. Serve in a customer-centric way and decide who you want to support.

  16. Designed (i.e., machines, electronic devices or computers or parts thereof, accessories, peripherals or programs) to operate or function in a compatible manner.

  17. Responsible or involved, but not responsible.

  18. To persevere without suffering defeat means to persevere and persevere.

  19. Accept and successfully wear, portray or perform as part of an actor to persevere.

  20. Position in which the gymnast supports the body on the rings (or bar, parallel bars...), usually with arms extended.

Sentences of Support
  1. Don't move that lightning! This is support for the entire platform.

  2. The government supports the arts in many ways.

  3. Sure they sell a product, but do they also provide support?.

  4. If the membership function of a fuzzy set is continuous, then the support of this fuzzy set is an open set.

  5. A new study reaffirms our theory.

  6. This game is not mouse compatible.

  7. Don't move that lightning! It is compatible with the entire platform.

  8. Sure they sell the product, but do they stand behind it?.

  9. I support France at the World .

  10. The government supports the arts in many ways.

  11. The evidence does not support any statements or claims.

  12. I don't make decisions, but I support those who do.

  13. Early personal computers did not support speech recognition hardware or software.

  14. I support the managerial activities of the executive branch of the organization.

  15. Keep the character of King Lear.


Meanings of Services:
  1. A service provided by a company, organization, authority, etc.

Sentences of Services
  1. The player committed four errors while serving in the set.

Storage Support Services