Stop loss

Stop loss,

Definition of Stop loss:

  1. A term for a clause that stops the insurers losses at a particular point.

  2. Denoting or relating to a policy of forcibly retaining members of the armed forces on active duty beyond their original agreed period of enlistment.

  3. Denoting or relating to an order to sell a security or commodity at a specified price in order to limit a loss.

How to use Stop loss in a sentence?

  1. If you bought a stock at $22 and are worried about it falling too low, you might place a stop-loss order to sell on it at $20.
  2. Eight American soldiers today launched an extraordinary legal challenge of the Armys controversial stop-loss policy.

Meaning of Stop loss & Stop loss Definition

Stop Loss,

Stop Loss Meanings:

  1. Definition of Stop Loss: The form of insurance, also called gross additional loss insurance, in which the insured is liable for all losses, regardless of the amount, which reaches a certain extent of the loss or the total value of the claims Born after arrival.

  2. Any policy provisions aimed at minimizing the loss to the insurance company at any time.

  3. The definition of Stop Loss is: Provisions in insurance policies that reduce the loss of insurers at any time. In fact, the stop-loss agreement guarantees the insurance company's loss ratio.

  4. Stop Loss can be defined as, Protection against accumulated losses of all or some covered risks for one year. See also Loss rate or global loss as an expression of deduction as a factor of technical production.

  5. A simple definition of Stop Loss is: The dollar value qualifying expense claims you pay is 100% of your money and insurance starts paying 100%. Stop loss occurs when the insured pays the deduction and reaches the maximum amount that was jointly insured.

Literal Meanings of Stop Loss


Meanings of Stop:
  1. Fails to end (an event, action or process).

  2. Reason to delete (action, action or event).

  3. Block or cover (orifice or leak)

  4. Stop moving or in action.

  5. Set up limb tubes with specific height and dimensions.

  6. The effective diameter of the lens.

Sentences of Stop
  1. As soon as it starts, the laughter stops

  2. This harassment should stop

  3. Trying to close the hole with the heel of the shoe

  4. All closed companies

Synonyms of Stop

fill, put an end to, draw to a close, bring to a stop, fill up, finish, bring to an end, close, plug, come to a stop, cease, block up, end, conclude, come to a standstill, close up, standstill, block, terminate, bring to a halt, halt, be over


Sentences of Loss
  1. Avoid wasting time

Synonyms of Loss

forgetting, dropping, misplacement, overlooking, mislaying