Stop-loss Reinsurance (SLR)

Stop-loss Reinsurance (SLR),

How To Define Stop-loss Reinsurance (SLR)?

  1. An arrangement under which the insurance company makes all the losses of the insurance insurers subject to a claim-based policy limit which exceeds a certain amount. Don't get confused with extra stop loss insurance. See also insurance benefits that look like SLRs.

  2. Stop Loss Reinsurance is a type of stop loss insurance that covers insurance for losses incurred by the insured over a specified period (usually one year), which covers a certain amount of certain business operations or Consider the percentage. The premium earned is higher than the policy limit.

    Stop loss reinsurance is also known as over insurance.

Literal Meanings of Stop-loss Reinsurance (SLR)


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Meanings of Reinsurance:
  1. An agreement in which an insured transfers all or part of the risk to another insurer to protect himself from the risk of the first insurance.

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