Stop List/stoplist

Stop List/stoplist,

What is The Definition of Stop List/stoplist?

  • Definition of Stop List/stoplist: Disqualification Individual, organization or other factor, usually due to non-compliance with the rules and regulations established by the organization responsible for disqualification. This could be a user who has been denied employment by a provider or a person who has been barred from joining or participating in an organization. Often, a drop-down list refers to a customer who is suspended due to a bad reputation or payment date, including defaults. Technically, a stop list can refer to words contained in computer-assisted correspondence (stop words), which refer to a detailed cross-index of keywords in a text, book or report, etc. Is. Another example might be a list of prohibited substances or substances. Basically, a stop list could refer to a list of potentially acceptable elements / entities / persons or programs that have been excluded or prohibited because they do not meet the eligibility criteria.

Literal Meanings of Stop List/stoplist


Meanings of Stop:
  1. (Event, action or deed) ceases to exist.

  2. Reason for termination

  3. Block or Close (Hole or Leak)

  4. Stop moving or surgery.

  5. A series of organ taps within a certain height and height range.

  6. The effective diameter of the lens.

Sentences of Stop
  1. As soon as it started, his laughter stopped

  2. This harassment needs to stop

  3. Trying to cover the hole with the heel

  4. All business has stopped

Synonyms of Stop

come to an end, come to a stop, cease, end, finish, draw to a close, be over, conclude, terminate, come to a standstill, put an end to, put a stop to, bring to an end, bring to a stop, halt, bring to a halt, block, block up, plug, close, close up, fill, fill up, standstill


Meanings of List:
  1. A series of related items or names, written or printed, usually one below the other.

  2. Obstacles around the tournament area.

  3. The end of the cloth sheet.

  4. List.

  5. Enlisted for military service.

  6. (A vessel) is tilted to one side, usually due to leakage or unbalanced load.

  7. Example of a boat leaning to one side.

  8. I want to like it

Sentences of List
  1. See list of drugs on page 326

  2. I have listed four reasons below

  3. The boat looks wrong

  4. The walls of the gallery are covered with seaweed that leans towards the reflection of the sailboat.

Synonyms of List

catalogue, inventory, record, register, roll, file, index, directory, listing, listicle, checklist, tally, docket, ticket, enumeration, table, tabulation, make a list of, note down, write down, set down, enter, lean, lean over, tilt, tip, heel, heel over, careen, cant