What does pride mean?

Adj. Stol id uh, stol id is. Little meaning or sensibility or inappropriately revealing: the incredibly massive and proud bureaucracy of the Soviet system (John Kenneth Galbraith). [Latin Stolidus, silly-looking frame in Indo-European roots.

]How do you use stolid in a sentence?

stupid indifference made the lawyer disappear from sight. proud character and was either too stupid or too intelligent not to appreciate such platitudes. proud and trustworthy people and have more facial hair than anyone else. Liston continued to sway where Cassius had been a split second ago, his face proud.

The question then is what does it mean to lie?

Definition of the prostate. (Inscription 1 of 2) 1: prostrate with his face on the ground in adoration or submission: lying down. 2: Totally beaten and lacking the vitality, will or strength to get up due to the heat.

Also, what part of the speech is the word phlegmatic?

strong, solid

Part of speech: adjective
apparent words: was standing
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Tracks: Stiffness (adv.), Stiffness (S.), Stiffness (S. ### )
What is a suspension? In chemistry, a suspension is a heterogeneous mixture that contains solid particles large enough to allow for sedimentation. A suspension is a heterogeneous mixture in which the dissolved particles do not dissolve, but are instead suspended by most of the solvent and circulate freely around the medium.

What does it mean to be vain?

Too proud or worried about his looks, qualities, achievements, etc., conceited: a vain dandy. running away or showing pride or concern in their looks, qualities, etc. out of vanity or out of vanity: he made some comments about his successes.

What does Dirisief mean?

ridiculous. Use the word mocking to describe something or someone who expresses derision, contempt, or derision. Sometimes you can get your kids to make silly comments, especially if you ask them to do chores instead of what they think is more important.

Is anesthesia a verb?

Verb (used with an object), to stun, to stun. Unconsciousness or violence from or as from a ■■■■, a fall, etc .: The ■■■■ to the jaw made him faint for a moment. Amazement amazement amazement: his joke amazed the audience.

Can a person be nutritious?

What does it mean to be nutritious?

(By Emily Brontes Wuthering Heights) A nourishing person or cause is beneficial to health or well-being. [Linton] was her age and wanted to age a few months when she was sixteen. By Emily Brontes Wuthering Heights.

How do you use it secretly in a sentence?

Example sentences Knows the insidious influence of corporate culture. Spam is becoming more and more insidious. It insidiously threatened the stability of the waves. It was a treacherous start for the disease. It was so insidious in people’s minds and so full of surprises.

How do you use the word ambiguous in a sentence?

Ambiguous Sentence Examples Her songs are deliberately ambiguous. The ending was more ambiguous, the one in which the future of the world was at stake. There are specific questions that are somewhat ambiguous in the document. Modern work is deliberately ambiguous. In doing so, they took an ambiguous position on the borders of Judaism.

How do you use reps in a set?

Examples of repeated sentences Let me repeat some points that have already been made. Let me repeat what I think duality would be in my consciousness. I want to reiterate the importance of protecting our homes. I want to repeat the previous tip to implement the references.

How can you exercise caution in a sentence?

Example sentences He walked cautiously to the porch. Fate watched him carefully, still clinging to Carmen. He looked at her closely, then bent down to pick up the ball. Carefully he walked out of the room, feeling within reach, and went up the stairs to see.

What does luxury mean?

Adjective. stands out for a luxury service or contributes to luxury: a luxury hotel. given or loved luxury who wants or expects what is optional, expensive or similar: a person with a taste for luxury.

What has it been synonymous with so far?

Synonyms for tentatively indicated times are provisional and subject to change. unlimited. Key. Attempt. a trial period.

What does SEAT mean?

Short takeoff and landing

What’s the other word for prostate?

Synonyms. Blood gland Male reproductive system Prostate Endocrine gland Endocrine gland. Etymology. Prostate (German)

What is the main cause of an enlarged prostate?

An enlarged prostate is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It occurs when cells in the prostate begin to multiply. These extra cells cause the prostate to swell, compress the urethra, and restrict the flow of urine.

How can I keep my prostate healthy?

Eat fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants to protect your body from cancer-causing oxidants. Soybeans and green tea can be especially good for the prostate. Eat more fish, a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Since obesity has been linked to prostate cancer, you should also consider limiting your sugar intake.