Stock Ticker

Stock Ticker,

What is The Definition of Stock Ticker?

  1. A simple definition of Stock Ticker is: A screen that automatically updates and displays the current price and volume of shares traded on the exchange.

Literal Meanings of Stock Ticker


Meanings of Stock:
  1. Goods or items stored in a store or warehouse and offered for sale or distribution.

  2. Capital is raised by issuing and soliciting shares through a company or corporation.

  3. A liquid made by slowly boiling bones, meat, fish or vegetables in water and used as a base for making soups, sauces or sauces.

  4. A person's lineage or affiliation.

  5. Logs or trunks of living trees or shrubs, especially the box into which the box is inserted.

  6. Fragrant flowers spread European herbaceous plants, usually purple, pink or white.

  7. A punishable device made of wood with holes in it to protect one's feet and hands, where criminals are arrested and subjected to public provocation or aggression.

  8. Rifle or other firearm in the part where the barrel and the firing mechanism are attached to the shoulder when firing a gun.

  9. A piece of white cloth tied like a tie and worn as part of a formal equestrian dress.

  10. Frames are used to keep boats or boats out of the water, especially those under construction.

  11. (A product or type of product) is usually kept in stock so for regular sale.

  12. (Sentences or phrases), when used regularly, becomes automatic or common.

  13. Any offer (of a particular product or type or product) available for sale.

  14. Stock mount (rifle or other weapon).

Sentences of Stock
  1. There is very little inventory in the store

  2. Between 1982 and 1986, the company's stock value increased by 86%

  3. A liter of chicken broth

  4. His mother is of French descent

  5. Many modern roses on the market today are made in this way.

  6. To grow flowers of pines, cultivars, plants, stems and other plants in cold weather, cut the flowers when they wither.

  7. Any arrest of such a person is a prison, whether in a joint prison or in a private residence or in an armory, or for the forced arrest of a person on a public road.

  8. He cut the rifle in half where his butt hit the barrel, and Nile's two fingers fell to the forest floor.

  9. 25% discount on stock items

  10. "Two weeks" is a standard answer.

  11. Most supermarkets now sell a variety of organic products

Synonyms of Stock

tree trunk, merchandise, ancestry, traditional, items for sale, origin, worn out, formulaic, overused, hackneyed, stereotyped, commonplace, banal, birth, beginnings, trite, routine, lineage, wares, assets, shank, customary, extraction


Meanings of Ticker:
  1. A watch.

  2. Telegraphic or electronic machines that print data, especially inventory information or news, on a piece of paper.

Sentences of Ticker
  1. The network quickly converted TTY computers to a full-service format, instead of displaying phone numbers and Red Cross information prices.