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Stock quote,

Definition of Stock quote:

  1. Listing (in the stock tables of the newspapers) of representative bid prices and asked prices for a specific stock traded on a specific exchange during a particular trading day. Stock prices are quoted in percentage points and in increments of 1/8 ths of a point. In the US, each point equals one dollar, and each increment equals 12½ cents. See also quotation.

  2. A stock quote is the price of a stock as quoted on an exchange. A basic quote for a specific stock provides information, such as its bid and ask price, last traded price, and volume traded. Investors increasingly access stock quotes online or on mobile devices, such as smartphones, rather than through print media, such as newspapers and magazines. A large number of Internet portals and websites offer delayed stock quotes at no charge, with real-time stock quotes generally restricted to paying subscribers.

  3. All stocks in the U.S. have been quoted in decimals, rather than fractions, since April 9, 2001. As a result, bid-ask spreads have contracted dramatically, with spreads for the most widely traded stocks now as small as a penny, compared with 1/16th of a dollar (or $0.0625) earlier. Decimal pricing has resulted in substantial savings on transaction costs to U.S. investors because of tighter bid-ask spreads.

How to use Stock quote in a sentence?

  1. The stock quote came in and we were happy to see that everything was going the way we thought it would go.
  2. The stock quote was the lowest it has been all year so we decided to buy as we were prepared to sell the next day if profitible.
  3. It is generally displayed with supplemental information, such as high and low prices for a given security in a day or its change in value.
  4. Pricing displayed with a stock quote reflects the buying and selling activity that influences the value of a given security.
  5. A stock quote is the price of a stock as quoted in decimals on an exchange.
  6. If you want to know how people are viewing your company you can find out by following the stock quote .

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