Definition of Stochastic:

  1. The distribution of random probabilities or probability patterns is determined randomly, which can be analyzed statistically, but cannot be precisely predicted.

  2. A situation or model that has random elements is therefore unpredictable and without a stable pattern or continuity. All natural phenomena are stockistic phenomena. Corporations and open economies are stochastic systems because their internal environment is affected by random events in the external environment. Stochastic is often seen as synonymous with probability, but, strictly speaking, stochastic presents the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčrandomness (real or real), while probability is directly related to probability and, therefore, only indirectly. It depends on the possibility. For the Greek, it's good to point out or guess. See also Markov's process.

Synonyms of Stochastic

General, Stray, Confused, Unsystematic, Hit-or-miss, Disordered, Undestined, Incoherent, Erratic, Unaccountable, Inexplicable, Imprecise, Indecisive, Unclear, Promiscuous, Shapeless, Amorphous, Lax, Blurred, Causeless, Indefinite, Vague, Aleatory, Indiscriminate, Unspecified, Chancy, Foggy, Undetermined, Hazy, Orderless, Loose, Aimless, Inchoate, Haphazard, Non-specific, Sweeping, Undirected, Unplain, Casual, Blurry, Arbitrary, Unplanned, Purposeless, Broad, Undirected, Casual, Fuzzy, Dysteleological, Designless, Indeterminate, Indistinct, Indiscriminate, Chaotic, Random, Shadowy, Indefinable, Indeterminable, Undefined, Haphazard, Inexact, Aleatoric, Inaccurate, Driftless, Obscure, Blobby, Ill-defined, Nonspecific, Mindless, Unmotivated, Shadowed forth, Veiled, Unmethodical, Stray, Chance, Unarranged

How to use Stochastic in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes statistics are statistical and have to be taken advantage of, but statistics can still have important trends.
  2. If you are trying to predict a stockistic thing, all you have to do is think it is likely to happen.
  3. Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation where the results can be stochastic and you need to try to prepare yourself for all the changes.
  4. Let us now summarize their mathematical contributions, in the field of almost all mathematical statistics, more precisely statistical analysis, random processes, creative phenomena and mathematical genetics.

Meaning of Stochastic & Stochastic Definition