Definition of Stipulation:

  1. Law: Admission of a fact into evidence without the necessity of further proof, on the basis of a voluntary agreement between the opposing parties to a court case.

  2. General: Material clause, condition, or provision in an agreement.

Synonyms of Stipulation

Accord, Agreement, Allocation, Arrangement, Assignment, Attribution, Bargain, Binding agreement, Bond, Boundary condition, Cartel, Catch, Circumscription, Clause, Collective agreement, Compact, Condition, Consortium, Contract, Convention, Covenant, Covenant of salt, Deal, Demand, Denomination, Designation, Determination, Dicker, Donnee, Employment contract, Escalator clause, Escape clause, Escape hatch, Essential, Exception, Fine print, Fixing, Formal agreement, Given, Grounds, Guarantee, Ironclad agreement, Joker, Kicker, Legal agreement, Legal contract, Limit, Limiting condition, Mutual agreement, Obligation, Pact, Paction, Parameter, Pinning down, Precision, Prerequisite, Promise, Protocol, Provision, Provisions, Proviso, Qualification, Requirement, Requisite, Reservation, Saving clause, Selection, Signification, Sine qua non, Small print, Specification, String, Strings, Term, Terms, Transaction, Ultimatum, Understanding, Undertaking, Union contract, Valid contract, Wage contract, Warranty, Whereas

How to use Stipulation in a sentence?

  1. This land contract includes a stipulation that the home must be maintained at an appropriate level so as not to lose significant value.
  2. I would face the wrestler in a match, but the stipulation I gave him meant that he had to fight me with one arm behind his back.
  3. Ted�s employment contract contained a stipulation that he had to work overtime or travel, if his boss asked him to.

Meaning of Stipulation & Stipulation Definition