Stimulus check

Stimulus check,

Definition of Stimulus check:

  1. A check sent by the U.S government to help the economy. The government attempts to boost the economy by giving taxpayers stimulus checks. The taxpayers will use these checks to spend which in turn, benefits businesses and thus, stimulates the economy.

  2. Stimulus checks have been mailed out to taxpayers on several occasions. These checks will vary in amount according to the taxpayer's filing status. Joint taxpayers received twice as much as those filing singly. Those who had unpaid back taxes saw their stimulus checks automatically applied to their outstanding balance.

  3. A stimulus check is a check sent to a taxpayer by the U.S. government. Stimulus checks are intended to stimulate the economy by providing consumers with some spending money. When taxpayers spend this money, it will boost consumption and drive revenues at retailers and manufacturers and, thus, spur the economy. Find out how the coronavirus stimulus bills affect you.

How to use Stimulus check in a sentence?

  1. In March 2020, the U.S. government presented a bill that would send Americans stimulus payments to provide relief for economic hardships caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
  2. Stimulus checks were last used during the Great Recession of 2008.
  3. Stimulus checks are either mailed to taxpayers or an equivalent tax credit is applied to their tax filing.
  4. Stimulus checks are checks sent by the US government to taxpayers to boost their spending power and spur economic activity.

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