Definition of Stickiness:

  1. Ability to retain customers, employees, participants, visitors, etc.

Meaning of Stickiness & Stickiness Definition



Time spent on the site in a specified time .


Website stickiness is often measured by the average number of minutes per month visitors spend on a website or online. Sometimes stickiness is measured in terms of page views.

Site permanence, measured in minutes per month, is based on the number of visits (reuse) and time spent per visit (session duration).

The general term refers to the qualities of a website that attract and retain visitors. A permanent website is designed to provide more value than a permanent website.

Sticky can refer to many things, like chewing gum or that weird thing you found in your shoes.

In this case, however, it is usually used to refer to content and websites that users frequently visit and reread.

Pinned content, for example, can be something the user can come back to over and over again. B. Helpful guide or long list of resources.

The attached website may have a handy tool like B. title generator.

A metric used to measure the effectiveness of a website in retaining its users. It usually depends on the length of the visit.