Sticker Shock

Sticker Shock,

How To Define Sticker Shock?

  1. You can define Sticker Shock as, An American term for a sense of wonder or surprise that some consumers encounter when they realize that what they are thinking of buying is worth more than expected.

Literal Meanings of Sticker Shock


Meanings of Sticker:
  1. Stickers or booklets, usually printed or painted.

Sentences of Sticker
  1. The yellow label is a defect notice indicating that the car does not meet the country's traffic safety standards.

Synonyms of Sticker

announcement, bulletin, flyer, circular, pamphlet, information sheet, sign, advertisement, broadsheet, poster, handbill, placard, leaflet, bill


Meanings of Shock:
  1. Surprise and upset (someone).

  2. Effects of physical shock or electric shock.

  3. What a surprise.

  4. Sudden, unusual or amazing event or experience.

  5. An acute medical condition associated with a decrease in blood pressure due to events such as anemia, severe irritation, bacterial infection, allergic reactions, or sudden emotional stress, and cold, pale skin, irregular breathing, rapid heartbeat. And is characterized by swelling. . Students.

  6. Violent earthquake due to impact, explosion or shock.

  7. Summary for shock absorbers

  8. Arrange by shock (grain pieces).

Sentences of Shock
  1. He was shocked by the condition of his injuries.

  2. When a patient is severely traumatized, it can be difficult to measure blood pressure.

  3. When I arrived, I was surprised to see such hostile attitude

  4. He died of shock due to severe bleeding in the abdomen

  5. Unstable

  6. We didn't have much budget to fix the charger when the axis was broken or traumatized.

  7. The grain is left in the field after harvesting

  8. The formation of these pits in the field helps a lot in the manual work required to collect the grain shocks of all these piles.

Synonyms of Shock

shaking movement, chaos, cascade, jolt, curls, quiff, stupefaction, foam, mane, shake, cloud, traumatism, jarring, jar, thatch, tangle, jerk, a state of shock, halo, head, bush, collapse, source of amazement, blow, vibration