Definition of Steward:

  1. A person who looks after the passengers on a ship, aircraft, or train and brings them meals.

  2. Short for shop steward.

  3. Manage or look after (anothers property).

  4. Alternative term for shop steward.

  5. A person responsible for supplies of food to a college, club, or other institution.

  6. (of an official) supervise arrangements or keep order at (a large public event).

  7. A person employed to manage anothers property, especially a large house or estate.

  8. An official appointed to supervise arrangements or keep order at a large public event, for example a sporting event.

Synonyms of Steward

Flight attendant, Cabin attendant, Member of the cabin staff, Manager, Estate manager, Agent, Overseer, Custodian, Caretaker, Official, Marshal, Organizer, Federal, Ganymede, Hebe, MC, Accountant, Aerial photographer, Agent, Air warden, Aircrew, Aircrewman, Airline hostess, Airline stewardess, Amanuensis, Attendant, Attorney, Auditor, Avigator, Baggage agent, Bailiff, Bakehead, Batman, Bellboy, Bellhop, Bellman, Belly gunner, Black gang, Boilerman, Bombardier, Bookkeeper, Bootblack, Boots, Bungs, Bursar, Business agent, Butler, Cabin boy, Caddie, Care for, Caretaker, Cashier, Cashkeeper, Castellan, Caterer, Chamberlain, Chandler, Chips, Chore boy, Claim agent, Clerk, Commercial agent, Commissariat, Commissary, Commissary steward, Commission agent, Complement, Comptroller, Conservator, Consignee, Contend with, Controller, Cope with, Copyboy, Crew, Crew chief, Croupier, Cupbearer, Curator, Custodian, Customer agent, Deal with, Deckhand, Deckie, Depositary, Depository, Do with, Donor, Dupe, Emcee, Errand boy, Errand girl, Factor, Fed, Federal agent, Financial officer, Fireman, Flight attendant, Flight crew, Footboy, Forest ranger, Freight agent, Functionary, Furnisher, Game warden, Gamekeeper, General agent, Gofer, Governor, Guardian, Guardian angel, Gun loader, Gunner, Hand, Handle, Hospital steward, Hostess, House steward, Housekeeper, Implement, Instrument, Insurance agent, Janitor, Keeper, Land agent, Landing signalman, Landreeve, Law agent, Librarian, Lifeguard, Lifesaver, Liquidator, Literary agent, Loan agent, Machine gunner, Mail orderly, Majordomo, Manage, Manciple, Master of ceremonies, Merchant, Meteorologist, Navigator, News agent, Next friend, Office boy, Office girl, Official, Oiler, Orderly, Page, Parliamentary agent, Passenger agent, Patron, Paymaster, Press agent, Prochein ami, Proctor, Procurator, Provider, Provisioner, Puppet, Purchasing agent, Purse bearer, Purser, Purveyor, Quartermaster, Radio operator, Ranger, Real estate agent, Receiver, Retailer, Roustabout, Sales agent, Secretary, Seneschal, Shepherd, Snip, Snips, Sparks, Special agent, Squire, Station agent, Stewardess, Stock clerk, Stoker, Storekeeper, Supplier, Sutler, Tender, Theatrical agent, Ticket agent, Tool, Torpedoman, Trainbearer, Travel agent, Treasurer, Treat, Trustee, Use, Usher, Victualer, Vivandier, Walking delegate, Warden, Warder, Watch, Yeoman, Major-domo, Seneschal, Manciple

How to use Steward in a sentence?

  1. The event was organized and stewarded properly.
  2. Arriving passengers greet their cabin stewards and table waiters like long-lost family friends with smiling handshakes, hugs and much backslapping.
  3. Landowners protected their interests by studying land law at the Inns of Court and by appointing qualified stewards to manage estates effectively.
  4. Track officials ordered the evacuation of a crowd of about 1,500 in the grandstand and, with two minutes to post time, the stewards ordered the third race cancelled.
  5. Security is found in reparticipating in community and stewarding nature.
  6. When he arrived, the large room was filled with people, ranging from the cook and the steward to the engineer and the linguist.

Meaning of Steward & Steward Definition