Steven Furtick Net Worth

Steven Furtick’s net worth is $55 Million. There is a well-known American preacher, Steven Furtick, who has done very well for himself after answering God’s call. Throughout his career, he has amassed an enormous fortune.

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Steven Furtick Net Worth 2021

Popular American preacher Steven Furtick has done well for himself by following his calling. Throughout his career, he has amassed an enormous fortune. His net worth is projected to be $55 million in January 2021.

Many televangelists struggle to make ends meet, even if others become rich via their work. When and how did pastor Furtick become so well-off? We’ll never presume his success is the result of his congregation’s generosity alone.

To find out how he became so rich, we looked into his personal and professional background. Here’s what we learned.

Net Worth $55 Million
Birthday 19 Feb 1980
Age 41 Years
Occupation Songwriter, Pastor
Wife Holly Furtick
Education Berkeley High School, North Greenville University
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Birth Place South Carolina, United State
Parents Larry Steven Furtick, Faith Furtick
Children Elijah Furtick, Graham Furtick, Abbey Furtick

Steven Furtick Career

Steven’s sermons may be seen on the official church website as well as on YouTube. Oprah included him in her 2016 SuperSoul 100 list of visionaries and important leaders, making him one of the most well-known people in the world today.

Furtick has given $750,000 and 100,000 hours of community work to the city of Charlotte via his church and a collaboration with the city of Charlotte.

Some of the church’s initiatives include street and park cleanups, blood drives, car repairs, feeding meals to the needy, renovations of buildings, and the construction of soccer fields, to name a few. Aside from that, they’ve helped fund a local free clinic’s expansion and provided 1,000 mentors for the public schools.

Steven Furtick is not just a preacher, but he’s also a singer and composer. His ability to play music is yet another impressive skill. In addition, he’s written a book that’s become a New York Times bestseller.

It’s understandable considering his fame as a motivating and inspiring public speaker. While Pastor Steven Furtick is a pastor, it’s become clear that he hasn’t gotten the majority of his riches through the contributions of his flock. Instead, his success as a motivational speaker and book has greatly bolstered his wealth.

Steven Furtick Wife

Holly Furtick is the wife of Steven Furtick. Pastor Holly Furtick’s sermons and teachings are not quickly forgotten, making her a household figure in ministry and evangelism in the United States and throughout the world. She and her husband Steven Furtick, a loving spouse and parent, established Elevation Church together.

One thing to keep in mind is that Holly has been highly involved in ministry from the beginning of the Elevation Church in 2006, and her sermons are evergreen since she focuses on real-life stuff and occurrences in our surroundings.

There are some facts about Pastor Holly Furtick Life.

  • Since Holly Furtick and Steven Furtick’s marriage in 2002, they’ve been one big happy family, pushing and watching each other from the sidelines.

  • In 2006, she and her husband, Pastor Steven Furtick, started the Elevation Church, which has since developed into a well-known church with branches all over the world.

  • She graduated from North Greenville University with a degree in education.

  • Holly is the author of “Building Friendships That Fit” and “Becoming Mrs. Betterhalf,” two women’s Bible studies.

  • Their three children, Elijah, Graham, and Abbey, are the fruit of their union with Holly Furtick and Pastor Steven Furtick.

  • Pastor Steven and the author reside in a $1.78 million house they constructed in 2013 in Charlotte, NC.

  • Besides reading, Holly enjoys trying to play tennis and cultivating her veggies during her spare time.

  • Pastor Steven Furtick’s wife Holly was born on May 19, 1980, which disproves the theory that she is younger than her husband.

  • When Steven Furtick and his wife Holly sell books, they donate the money they make to their church, Elevation Church said.

  • In addition, Steven Furtick’s Wife Holly maintains her website, Hollyfurtick. com

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Holly Furtick Net Worth

According to some estimates, Holly Furtick’s net worth may reach $3 million by 2021. Her status in the church as a co-founder earns her a considerable sum of money.

In addition, Holly conducts several empowerment initiatives and training courses to supplement her income. Her success as an author has provided her with financial security in the same manner.

Investing alongside her husband as a co-founder of the Elevation Church made Holly Furtick a co-founder in 2006. She organizes several religious activities aimed at promoting the empowerment of females. In addition, she writes mostly for women’s audiences.

Holly is also well-known in her community as a charismatic preacher and gifted public speaker. Throughout her life, she’s belonged to a slew of different book clubs.

Steven Furtick Songs

There are some popular songs by Steven Furtick:

  • I Will Fight
  • I Can Handle It
  • I Will Be Confident
  • God of My Struggle
  • When God Shows Up
  • Come to the Altar
  • Worthy
  • Moving On
  • Welcome To Elevation Church
  • Holy Is The Lord

What Ethnicity Is Steven Furtick?

Steven Furtick is a member of the White European (Eurasian) ethnicity. A conversation on racism took place on Sunday between Elevation pastors Furtick and Gray. Furtick is white; Gray is black, and the two pastors are friends.

Elevation Church, which Furtick founded, has 20 sites in four southern states and one in Canada.

Gray argues in his sermon, which has since been made public on YouTube, that Christians must now speak out.

It was also good to hear from two young Elevation Church pastors from Raleigh and Morrisville who spoke about race.

As a part of his plan, he said he’ll begin educating his young kids about acceptance in his household.

“There is a role for the white community. It’s not only up to the African-American community to keep exposing and educating the rest of the world. In addition to being informed, it is the responsibility of the white community to speak up and take action.”

In Stack’s opinion, it’s what Jesus would do, so why shouldn’t you?


Holly Furtick Age

To put it another way, Holly Furtick was born on May 19, 1980, which means she’ll be 40 years old in 2020. Steven Furtick’s wife Holly Furtick is an American pastor. Holly Furtick is also a minister.

Elevation Church’s co-founder and co-proprietor, Holly is a well-known name in the Christian community. She also often attends chapel services, is a skilled public speaker, and has given a few lectures.

The late spring IGTV book club and fellowship mentorship for Woman Evolve are two of Furtick’s well-known accomplishments.

Steven Furtick House

Megachurch pastor in North Carolina thanks God for the $1.7 million mega-house he’s constructing, saying it’s a gift from God. Every Sunday, Steven Furtick, 33, leads Elevation Church in North Carolina’s evangelical flock of almost 14,000 people.

Elevation Church pastor Steven Furtick is constructing a 16,000-square-foot gated mansion on a huge forested property near Waxhaw, one of the nation’s fastest-growing churches.

Elevation’s chief financial officer, Chunks Corbett, pointed out that Furtick paid $325,000 for the 19-acre property, which tax records in Union County corroborate.

As for the 16,000-square-foot number, Corbett said it was deceptive since only 8,400 square feet of the home would be heated, with the remainder being used for storage in the attic, basement, garage, and on the porch.

He claims that Furtick, 33, is paying for the five-bedroom home out of the money he makes from writing books and plans to produce more of them.

According to a construction permit, even though Furtick said in a sermon that “it’s not a wonderful home,” it will be one of the largest in the Charlotte region with 7.5 bathrooms and an electronic gate.

The house he’ll be moving into with his wife Holly and their three young children is located near Providence Road in a wooded region. Other gated communities, swimming pools, and No Trespassing signs may also be seen around this one.

Furtick will be perfectly at home here: The title and tax documents for the Union County property showed a trust instead of his name, making it impossible to locate his house in public records.

Back in 2007, Furtick, who was born and raised in South Carolina, relocated from Shelby, South Carolina to Charlotte with seven other couples who had agreed to sell their houses and join him in starting a new evangelical church.

There are now nearly 12,000 worshipers attending Furtick’s services every week, many of whom are young people attracted by Christian rock music, the multi-media worship experience, and Furtick’s hip, passionate preaching style, which uses songs, movies, and biblical scenes to illustrate spiritual points. Despite its ethnic diversity, the local Southern Baptists church has grown to be one of the largest in the city.

In eight different sites throughout four counties, Furtick preaches live every weekend, either in person or on-screen. The addition of Lake Norman and Ballantyne as satellite campuses will bring the total to 10.

The church’s annual report for 2012 shows an average weekly collection of 391,299 dollars.

Last year, the church donated $2.5 million to charitable causes, including $120,000 to Samaritan’s Purse, $45,000 to A Child’s Place, and $40,000 to the Matthews Free Medical Clinic and Charlotte Family Housing, each of which received $40,000.


A house on 19 acres in Waxhaw, South Carolina, a suburb of Charlotte, was constructed by Steven and Holly Furtick in 2013 after they bought the property. The house was estimated to be worth $1.78 million when it was sold. Rather than being compensated by Elevation Church, Steven claimed he bought his house with money from book sales and publisher advances.


Steven Furtick Books

Additionally, Steven Furtick is an author of nine books in addition to his work as a pastor and musician. The titles of these novels are listed below.

  • Sun Stand Still
  • Greater
  • Crash the Chatterbox
  • UnQualified
  • Greater Devotional
  • Seven Mile Miracle

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you know how much money Elevation Church makes each year?

Elevation Church has nine sites in and around Charlotte, with an average attendance of 14,000 people on weekends. The Elevators, as they’re known, donate roughly $400,000 a week to a church that’s one of the fastest-growing in the country, both in terms of membership and contributions.

2. What’s the price of Steven Furtick’s home?

The pastor of a North Carolina megachurch praises God for giving him the money to construct a $1.7 million mansion, which he says is a gift from God. Every Sunday, Steven Furtick, 33, leads Elevation Church in North Carolina’s evangelical flock of almost 14,000 people.

3. Why did Mack Brock and Steven Furtick go so suddenly?

Former Elevation Worship singer and founding member Mack Brock has announced his departure from the ministry team. Elevation Church’s worship ministry, Elevation Worship, is headed by Pastor Steven Furtick and is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

4. Elevation Church is a part of what denomination?

Elevation Church is a Southern Baptists church, despite its name. Southern Baptists seminary alumnus Pastor Steven Furtick serves as the church’s lead pastor. The seed for Elevation was provided by Southern Baptists.

5. How much money do people get paid to do acts of worship?

An Elevation Church Worship Leader makes $39,014 a year on average, while the average wage for a Worship Leader in the United States is $42,562.

6. What is the annual revenue of Elevation Church?

Personnel in the United States: 206; personnel in other countries: 5. $47.1 million was the revenue (all of it generated in the United States).

7. What led to the rapid expansion of Elevation Church?

We’ve expanded so quickly because we’re riding a multisite wave that’s brought more and more megachurches to the forefront: Around 1,000 churches in the United States had several sites when Elevation started in 2006.

8. Elevation worship has a leader. Who is that leader?

Steven Furtick, the pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, started his church in 2006 under the name “Pastor Steven” to his ever-expanding congregation.

9. Is it possible for anybody to attend Elevation Church?

Elevation, one of the nation’s fastest-growing churches, attracts more than 20,000 worshippers every weekend to nine locations in the Charlotte region.

10. What is the Trinity doctrine at your church?

On its website, Elevation Church states that they hold the belief that “God has been in connection with Himself for all eternity,” about the Holy Trinity. Three distinct people make up his one essence: the Father; Son; and Holy Spirit. Elevation Church was founded in 2006 by Furtick.


According to recent reports, Steven Furtick’s net worth is in the neighborhood of $55 million. Even though he doesn’t spend any of his own money, he makes a good living via books, social media, his website, and the megachurch board-determined pay. He doesn’t mind that he doesn’t have a say in his pay.

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