Definition of Stereotype:

  1. General: (1) False generalities, relatively fixed, simple and fundamentally negative (usually based on intolerance, ignorance and prejudice) that are considered true for a particular individual or group. (2) Lack of individuality or originality, old.

  2. Printing: Metal printing plate made of paper stamps for use in printing machines. Therefore, stereotypes in Greek mean fixed, fixed or immovable.

  3. A simple image or idea, but calm and easy about a particular type of person or thing.

  4. Print embossed plate or indigenous composite plate

  5. Show or represent stereotypes.

Synonyms of Stereotype

Usage, Damp, Set in, Rubber plate, Automatism, Typecast, Wedge, Assimilate to, Electrotype, Confirm, Stamp, Bed, Smooth, Engrave, Pack, Standardize, Impress, Harmonize, Duplicate plate, Locked-up page, Stone, Habit, Formula, Equalize, Hackneyed idea, Cliché, Monotype, Level, Flatten, Engraft, Seat, Typeform, Conventionalize, Practice, Symmetrize, Zincograph, Plate, Embed, Keyboard, Pattern, Regulate, Even, Label, Normalize, Zincotype, Ingrain, Linotype, Habitude, Received idea, Entrench, Print, Palaeotype, Settle, Second nature, Ground, Root, Lodge, Printing surface, Regularize, Wont, Compartmentalize, Printing plate, Categorize, Habit pattern, Uniformize, Inscribe, Conventional image, Stereotyped behavior, Deep-dye, Imprint, Homogenize, Standardize, Bad habit, Stabilize, Etch, Found, Peculiarity, Equilibrize, Praxis, Use, Jam, Pigeonhole, Force of habit, Standard image, Infix, Establish, Trick, Plant, Fix, Balance, Way, Creature of habit, Impact, Set, Characteristic, Implant, Autotype, Make uniform, Define, Custom, Tag, Plastic plate

How to use Stereotype in a sentence?

  1. The meeting with the new executive director, Rosa Garcia, finally broke the old stereotype about Roger's Latin women.
  2. Sean was disappointed with his classmates and his attitude towards them, as he believed that stereotypes about his race would make him a good educational partner.
  3. Stereotypes of women as caregivers.
  4. The long-haired young man, returning from a holiday in Jamaica, believes the customs officer's decision to find his luggage was based on a simple stereotype.

Meaning of Stereotype & Stereotype Definition