Step By Step how to draw a Unicorn

Step By Step how to draw a Unicorn What I love most about drawing is that it lets us picture unreal things as if they were real.

If you want to feel the thrill of creation, in this tutorial I will show you how to draw a beautiful, realistic unicorn. These creatures were not just “horses with horns”—they were described as similar to goats, with cloven hooves and a donkey-like tail. Their horns were said to have magical powers, but since the animals were so timid, you’d need the help of a gentle maiden to capture one.

Today, unicorns are no longer believed to be real, but you can bring one to life with art. You don’t need to know how to draw horses, or horns—I will lead you step by step! But if you want to be better prepared, try this tutorial first:

1. Sketch the Pose of a Unicorn

Step 1

Start with an oval for the chest. It doesn’t need to be a perfect oval, and feel free to correct it as many times as necessary. The lines I’m showing you here are clean so that you can see exactly what I’m drawing—normally they would be much messier!

Step 2

Add the rump. Its size and distance from the chest will define the shape of the body. If this were a real horse, you’d need to be careful to achieve the right shape, but unicorns aren’t really horses—they’re considered a different species, often smaller/slimmer. So don’t worry if yours looks different than mine!

Step 3

Add the neck and head. Again, you can use my proportions or modify them for something more original.

Step 4

You can choose any pose you like for your unicorn, but it will be the most realistic if you borrow it from a horse.

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2. Draw the Body of a Unicorn

Step 1

Now we’re going to add shapes characteristic for a horse body. Draw the head and the muzzle…

Step 2

… then connect them with two lines and add the ears on top of the head.

Step 3

Add some details on the head and start building the hooves. Adjust the direction of lines to the angle of the legs. Normally, the hooves would be larger, but in my vision unicorns are quite similar to deer in this manner.

Step 4

Your drawing looks very dirty right now, with many lines crossing and covering each other. But that’s normal! To create a clean picture out of this, you can use one of these tricks:

  • Create a new layer, if you’re drawing digitally.

  • Scan your drawing, lower its lightness/opacity with a program, and then print it with the sketch barely visible.

  • Draw over the most important lines with a ballpoint pen or a marker. Put a new sheet of paper above the sketch—the dark lines should be seen through.

Fabulous Drawing!

Unicorns may not be real, but you have just created one! Is there something else you’d like to learn to draw? Let me know in the comments! Continue drawing on the new layer/printed sketch/new sheet of paper. This time, be more careful with lines, because they’re the final ones.