Stent In Spanish

Stent In Spanish

What is a stent in English? Is this a medical term? 3

The Spanish word for stent is stent.

in fact:

Stent is a medical term, and the original medical term air means retreat, which is a tube place in an arteriolar retina, usually a coronary artery (or cardiac), for the abdomen.

The coronaire comes from the Latin corona, which means cro, because the coronary arteries are located in the heart and surround the top like a cro.

Language constantly borrows words. English from around the world. The German word for bridge comes directly from the French word bridge and is spelled as a French word, and we have words like slugs and tents that we take from Irish.

In fact, we did not have the word stable in English until the troops returned from the war in Mexico in the 1840s. We took it in Spanish.

I remember watching a baseball game and when a bat hit one of the walls, the announcer shouted, "Marrow!"

Therefore, one of the most common phenomena in the language is learning that the Spanish word for stent is stent.

Stent in Spanish

Stent In Spanish