Steering committee

Steering committee,

Definition of Steering committee:

  1. An advisory board, usually consisting of high-level stakeholders and / or experts, advises on important issues such as company policies and goals, budget control, marketing strategies, resource allocation, and decision-making with significant expenditures. Are

Synonyms of Steering committee

Cadre, Directorate, Top brass, Management, The executive, Board of directors, Executive hierarchy, Infrastructure, Directory, Governing board, Board, The people upstairs, Governing body, Executive arm, The administration, Cabinet, Council, Executive committee, Board of trustees, Board of regents, Interlocking directorate, The brass

How to use Steering committee in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes the steering committee comes up with new ideas and has no choice but to try to implement them.
  2. I am very confident in the direction of my company as we have a large steering committee that will show us the right direction.
  3. The decision not to allow security guards to carry weapons came from the hospital's steering committee, a responsibility that was cited as a major concern.

Meaning of Steering committee & Steering committee Definition

Steering Committee,

What is The Meaning of Steering Committee?

  • Meaning of Steering Committee: It is also called the steering group. A group of people responsible for overseeing the progress of a company's work or project ensures that it complies with the company's policies, approves resources and costs, and so on.

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Meanings of Steering:
  1. The act of driving a car, plane or airplane.

  2. To guide or control movement (vehicle, plane or aircraft), for example by turning a wheel or operating a radar.

Sentences of Steering
  1. This is a great place for novice drivers to practice driving.

  2. He slowly pushed the boat towards the busy pier.

Synonyms of Steering

pilot, be at the wheel of, con, be in the driver's seat of, guide, manoeuvre, helm, drive, navigate


Meanings of Committee:
  1. A group of people assigned to a specific role by a large group and usually consist of members of that group.

  2. A person who is responsible for looking after another person or another person's property.

Sentences of Committee
  1. Housing Commission