Definition of STEEP:

  1. A steep mountain slope.

  2. (of a price or demand) not reasonable; excessive.

  3. (of a slope, flight of stairs, angle, ascent, etc.) rising or falling sharply; nearly perpendicular.

  4. Social, technological, economic, ecological, and political factors that constitute the external environment of an organization and affect its decision making capabilities and freedom.

Synonyms of STEEP

Expensive, Dear, Costly, High, Stiff, Herculean, Olympian, Olympian heights, A bit much, Abandoned, Abrupt, Abstruse, Acme, Aerial, Aerial heights, Airy, Altitudinous, Apex, Arduous, Ascending, Aspiring, Bathe, Besprinkle, Bluff, Bold, Boundless, Breakneck, Breathe, Brew, Brutal, Bury, Cliff, Color, Colossal, Complex, Concentrate, Costly, Crag, Critical, Dear, Dear-bought, Decoct, Delicate, Demanding, Difficile, Difficult, Distill, Dizzy heights, Dominating, Douche, Douse, Dredge, Drench, Drouk, Dye, Egregious, Elevated, Elevation, Eminence, Eminent, Enormous, Entincture, Escarpment, Essentialize, Ether, Ethereal, Exacting, Exaggerated, Exalted, Excessive, Exorbitant, Expensive, Express, Extortionate, Extravagant, Extreme, Fabulous, Face, Fancy, Fill, Flavor, Flush, Formidable, Gigantic, Gluttonous, Hairy, Hard, Hard-earned, Hard-fought, Haughty, Headlong, Heaven, Heavens, Height, Heights, High, High-pitched, High-priced, High-reaching, High-set, High-up, Hyperbolic, Hypertrophied, Imbrue, Imbue, Immerse, Immoderate, Impregnate, Incontinent, Infiltrate, Infuse, Ingrain, Inject, Inoculate, Inordinate, Instill, Intemperate, Intricate, Inundate, Invest, Jawbreaking, Knotted, Knotty, Laborious, Lave, Leach, Leaven, Lift, Lixiviate, Lofty, Luxurious, Macerate, Marinate, Mean, Melt down, Monstrous, Monumental, Mounting, No picnic, Not affordable, Not easy, Of great cost, Operose, Orthodiagonal, Orthogonal, Out of bounds, Out of sight, Outrageous, Outtopping, Overbig, Overdeveloped, Overgreat, Overgrown, Overlarge, Overlooking, Overmuch, Overpriced, Overtopping, Overweening, Palisade, Palisades, Penetrate, Percolate, Permeate, Perpendicular, Pervade, Pickle, Plumb, Plunging, Precipice, Precipitous, Premium, Press out, Pricey, Prominent, Raise, Rapid, Refine, Render, Rich, Right-angle, Right-angled, Right-angular, Rigorous, Rinse, Rise, Rising ground, Rough, Rugged, Saturate, Scar, Scarp, Season, Seethe, Set with thorns, Severe, Sharp, Sheer, Sky, Soak, Soaring, Sodden, Sop, Souse, Spiny, Spiring, Stiff, Straight-up, Straight-up-and-down, Stratosphere, Strenuous, Sublime, Submerge, Suffuse, Sumptuous, Superlative, Supernal, Temper, Thorny, Ticklish, Tincture, Tinge, Toilsome, Too much, Top, Topless, Toplofty, Topping, Tough, Towering, Towery, Transfuse, Tricky, Unbridled, Unconscionable, Undue, Unpayable, Unreasonable, Unrestrained, Up-and-down, Uphill, Uplifted, Upreared, Uprise, Vantage ground, Vantage point, Vertical, Wall, Wash, Waterlog, Wet, Wicked, Wring, Wring out, Zenith, Precipitous, Sheer, Abrupt, Sharp, Perpendicular, Vertical, Bluff, Vertiginous, Dizzy

How to use STEEP in a sentence?

  1. She pushed the bike up the steep hill.
  2. Sometimes a risky investment can be like being on a steep slope and you dont want to look down at what may lie ahead.
  3. Hair-raising steeps.
  4. The organization STEEP recently brought a suit against American Battery, Inc. for violations of numerous codes concerning the environmental impact it was having on the community, especially the children in nearby schools.
  5. The price for the new car was way too steep because of how new it was and would require me to work a lot of overtime at my job.

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