Definition of Stay:

  1. Suspend, adjourn or suspend legal proceedings by court order

  2. Pause, delay or withhold (something), in particular suspend or adjourn (legal action) or refrain from presenting (legal action).

  3. Take time to stay somewhere, especially as a guest or guest for a while.

  4. A device used as a rail or support.

  5. Stay in a particular situation or place.

  6. (Someone) temporarily stays in a place as a guest or guest.

  7. Sidewalk or check.

  8. Resistance

  9. Stay in one place

  10. Help or assistance

Synonyms of Stay

Keep house, Obviation, Spile, Foreclosure, Cork, Drop, Endure, Take in sail, Draw rein, Holdup, Crook, Time lag, Lagging, Set aside, Continue to be, Interlude, Gun, Full stop, Loiter, Recess, Stretch out, Pigeonhole, Live through, Roost, Hang out, Stanch, Domesticate, Hold steady, Mark time, Girdle, Hold up, Shelve, Lose ground, Put in abeyance, Bunch, Reinforcement, Last out, Mainstay, Quit, Pelham, Bandeau, Bivouac, Breathing time, Renounce, Backpedal, Moor, Lull, Cut short, Exist, Lie still, Break, Stand firm, Retard, Cohabit, Stopover, Hold on, Hang around, Stuff up, Stop-off, Damper, Corset, Leave off, Stoppage, Delayage, Refrain, Strike, Discontinuance, Block, Cradle, Relax, Stop cold, Table, Underbrace, Arrest, Take residence at, Tea break, Wait for, Tie-up, Postpone, Uphold, Brassiere, Scotch, Cancel, Pigeonhole, Shackle, Spoke, Double take, Plug up, Stagger on, Knock it off, Stays, Block up, Congest, Abide, Endgame, Slow, Never cease, Underpinning, Subvention, Prevention, Backbone, Neck, Sweat, Rest, Carrier, Extend, Holiday, Moderate, Retardance, Martingale, Locate, Doss down, Bring up short, Lockout, Secure, Sit up, Stop, Bit, Inhabit, Relocate, Determent, Wait a minute, Breathing space, Cleave, Check, Hold, Take hold of, Bottom, Move, Sustain, Drogue, Work stoppage, Put aside, Populate, Moratorium, Set, Hold out, Sit-down strike, Dam, Pillow, Cover, Prohibition, Stuff, Checkrein, Walkout, Pack, Underset, Interruption, Keep up, Reinforce, Shoulder, Stave off, Surcease, Tarry, Give over, Nest, Breather, Slowness, Wait, Wait on, Rein in, Carry on, Stem the tide, Defer, Cane, Drop it, Sleep on, Vacation, Settle down, Dead stop, Forestalling, Sit down, Run, Tread water, Jock, Underpin, Visit, Abort, Bear, Snaffle, Fill, Hang about, Supporter, Sustainer, Establish residence, Line, Embrace, Perennate, Pull up, Intermittence, Bunk, Predicate, Hold over, Layover, Hindrance, Delay, Perch, Cervix, Sit tight, Coagulate, People, Dragging, Standoff, Bring to, Fetter, Buoy up, Nonprosecution, Shift off, Grow together, Forbiddance, Bung, Ease off, Deferral, Afford support, Not stir, Bear up, Let down, Solidify, Fill up, Establish, Cease, Ease up, Lay by, Prolong, Stand still, Reinforcer, Lapse, Holdback, Take a recess, Found, Cling to, Stop up, Underlie, Day off, Carry, Live at, Bracer, Park, Obstruction, Reprieve, Impunity, Maintain, Procrastinate, Rope, Freeze, Dwell, Wear, Slack up, Have done with, Spell, Deferment, Go on, Await, Ensconce, Arrestation, Rigging, Remain, Slow down, Dawdle, Lay over, Waive, Defer, Let up, Delayed reaction, Backing, Sweat it out, Dam up, Anchor, Remain behind, Discontinuation, Camp, Sea anchor, Clinch, Tenant, Bell, Intermezzo, Postpone, Adjourn, Cling, Slow up, Stay put, Perdure, Foul, Relinquish, Occupy, Guy, Support, Domiciliate, Stop-off, Hug, Stopper, Break, Put on ice, Reserve, Shore up, Logjam, Stall, Grasp, Impede, Deadlock, Live on, Protract, Cushion, Hang, Hold over, Defy time, Set by, Cocktail hour, Chock, Clasp, Desist, Keep afloat, Standing rigging, Coffee break, Paperasserie, Plug, Caulk, Drag out, Chain, Congeal, Live, Intermission, Stopover, Clip the wings, Put back, Time out, Forestay, Breathing place, Constipate, Confine, Repose, Letup, Decelerate, Guywire, Bra, Drag, Interrupt, Bolster up, Sojourn, Choke up, Fulcrum, Prop, Postponement, Stay of execution, Foil, Reef, Hold back, Defeat time, Mass, Squat, Stay behind, Red-tapery, Breath, Exemption, Bureaucratic delay, Prorogate, Chink, Blockade, Upholder, Breathing spell, Survive, Abandon, Deter, Ending, Countercheck, Afterthought, Continue, Discourage, Drag sail, Settle, Stand-down, Stand, Stand over, Conglomerate, Staff, Suspend, Stay up, Mothball, Stiffener, Shroud, Set up shop, Hold everything, Detention, Pause, Stop, Give support, Stop over, Come to anchor, Trammel, Immunity, Final whistle, Cable, Athletic supporter, Stick fast, Keep going, Wait up for, Prorogue, Wait and see, Carry over, Arm, Stay over, Lay off, Billet at, Choke, Maintainer, Stay on, Not breathe, Be still, Burrow, Watch and wait, Amnesty, Cluster, Take root, Layoff, Bind, Stench, Bar, Buttress, Slowdown, Coast, Lay aside, Cigarette break, Prevail, Hold your horses, Preclusion, Deterrence, Upbear, Nolle prosequi, Do later, Keep quiet, Dillydally, Blockage, Last long, Agglomerate, Rest, Stop dead, Curb bit, Resting place, Set back, Run on, Hold in abeyance, Detain, Slow-up, Hang fire, Hold off, Estoppel, Obstipate, Scrub, Interim, Hesitation, Reschedule, Stay up for, Colonize, Sprit, Slog on, Thwart, Hold off, Advocate, Bearing rein, Strengthen, Delay, Holiday, Red tape, Truce, Undergird, Hold in check, Keep back, Grinding halt, Stand over, Interval, Jam, Stalemate, Enforced respite, Non prosequitur, Put off, Corselet, Put off, Jockstrap, Indemnity, Downtime, Bide the issue, Berth, Drift anchor, Respite, Domicile, Abeyance, Tide over, Sit up for, Adhere, Hamper, Hang on, Terminate, Curb, Cut it out, Hang together, Retardation, Take up residence, Put paid to, Ground, Cutoff, Backwater, Watch, Persist, Bide, Halt, Brake, Gird, Clot, End, Stymie, Slack off, Hive, Upkeep, Lag, Crutch, Remission, Set up housekeeping, Freeze to, Dally, Debarment, Lose momentum, Discontinue, Bracket, Walking stick, Remain, Go along, Belay, Jog on, Column, Foundation garment, Subsist, Stick, Lose speed, Doorstop, Take time, Strengthener, Bearer, Visit, Red-tapeism, Make late, Stay at, Stem, Stillstand, Happy hour, Stand fast, Remain motionless, Hang-up, Drift sail, Room, Checkmate, Slacken, Last, Stave, Cease-fire, Stick together, Mast, Prevent, Back up, Stay put, Back, Sojournment, Stopping, Push aside, Drop anchor, Cease not, Lodge, Stopple, Keep, Shore, Throttle down, Hang up, Stayover, Alpenstock, Sweat out, Strike root, Standstill, Stick around, Spine, Caesura, Remora, Stop short, Suspension, Subsidize, Shelve, Bolster, Brace, Clog, Hinder, Discouragement, Linger, Hold together, Clog up, Choke off, Keep on, Cohere, Drag on, Lend support, Reside, Obstruct

How to use Stay in a sentence?

  1. One night in a luxury hotel.
  2. Your ability to stay calm.
  3. Stay in touch and I'll be back.
  4. Do UK courts have jurisdiction to continue Part 20 proceedings?
  5. The girls go to their friend.

Meaning of Stay & Stay Definition

What is a positive psychological response to stress?
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What is Stay?

Stay can be defined as, Court orders termination of legal proceedings.

Meanings of Stay

  1. (One person) to stay temporarily as a guest or guest.

  2. Withholding, delaying or withholding (something), even suspending (the case) or refraining from initiating (charges).

  3. Duration of stay, especially a temporary stay as a guest and guest.

  4. A device that is used as a split or support.

  5. Toughness

  6. Secure or stable with turnbox (one pole).

  7. A large cable, wire or mast supported the ship's mast and ran from the top to the other mast or mast or on the deck.

Sentences of Stay

  1. You stay here and I'll be right back

  2. Girls go with friends

  3. Do UK courts have jurisdiction to suspend Section 20 proceedings?

  4. A few minutes later, I moved the pole to place the flag on the shroud.

Synonyms of Stay

tether, strut, spike, truss, stanchion, pier, stake, beam, shaft, rod


What is The Definition of Stay?

  1. Order the court to stay the legal process.

Meanings of Stay

  1. Stay in a certain position.

  2. (One person) Temporarily staying as a guest or guest.

  3. Withholding, delaying or withholding (something), even suspension or delay (trial) or refusal to start (charges).

  4. Support or endorsement.

  5. Stay somewhere, especially temporarily as a guest or guests.

  6. A device used as a splint or support.

  7. A large cable, wire or rod that is used to support the ship's mast and extends from the top of the mast to other mast or mast, or other parts of the ship.

  8. Trapped or fixed by pulling a rope (one pole).

Sentences of Stay

  1. You stay here and I'll be back.

  2. There are cases where the crown looks so serious that it does not want to save the price.

  3. Does it matter if the construction stops or not?

  4. There may be a good public library to avoid boredom.

  5. Some boys are really good at first, but they don't dominate.

Synonyms of Stay

put in cold storage, remain (behind), be housed, restrict, vacay, be billeted, be accommodated, inhibit, hamstring, cumber, stop off, be quartered, put on the back burner, hold over/off, put/hold in abeyance, be left, break one's journey, handicap, minibreak, spend some time, lay on the table