Definition of Statutory:

  1. Prescribed, enforceable, and punishable under an act of parliament.

  2. Required, permitted, or enacted by statute.

Synonyms of Statutory

Actionable, Applicable, Authoritative, Authorized, Binding, Canonical, Competent, Constitutional, Dictated, Didactic, Formulary, Hard and fast, Instructive, Judicial, Juridical, Just, Justiciable, Kosher, Lawful, Lawmaking, Legal, Legislative, Legit, Legitimate, Licit, Mandatory, Official, Preceptive, Prescribed, Prescript, Prescriptive, Regulation, Rightful, Rubric, Sanctioned, Standard, Valid, Within the law, Legitimate, Permissible, Admissible, Allowable, Acceptable

How to use Statutory in a sentence?

  1. The courts did award statutory damages to each of the plaintiffs.
  2. The house can only be bought with the boat house attached to it. The clause is statutory , we will not receive the deed.
  3. The eighteen year old woman went to prison for statutory rape because she had intimate relations with a guy that was seventeen.
  4. The Pensions Act of 2004, imposes a statutory obligation on whistleblowers such as Carmen Seggara, to report any suspected illegal activities on Wall Street.

Meaning of Statutory & Statutory Definition