Statutory Reserve

Statutory Reserve,

What is The Meaning of Statutory Reserve?

  1. Protection is required by specific or general law.

Literal Meanings of Statutory Reserve


Meanings of Statutory:
  1. Mandatory, authorized or required by law.

Sentences of Statutory
  1. The court compensated each claimant.

Synonyms of Statutory

acceptable, admissible, permissible, allowable, legitimate


Meanings of Reserve:
  1. Avoid using (or throwing away) anything to keep for future use.

  2. Supply of products that are not required for immediate use, but are available when needed.

  3. A force or corps that is kept away from fighting to strengthen or protect others, or is available in the regular armed forces as well as in emergencies.

  4. An additional player who is a potential substitute in the team.

  5. A specific place for a specific purpose.

  6. Lack of coherence or clarity in manners or impressions.

  7. Minimum price summary

  8. (Ceramic or textile decoration) An area that still retains the original material color or background color.

Sentences of Reserve
  1. Roll out half the dough and keep the other half.

  2. Australia has significant reserves of coal, gas and uranium

  3. These people are kept in the reservation center and can be taken anywhere.

  4. I was a backup hacker in the World Cup team

  5. There were some areas where land was allotted, but now it was used for various purposes.

  6. He smiled and some of his reserves melted

Synonyms of Reserve

keep back, accumulation, supply, auxiliaries, replacement, fallback, reticence, reservoir, fund, put aside, emergency, self-restraint, bank, set aside, store, additional troops, additional police, restraint, reserves, stockpile, supplementaries, stock, second-string, fresh troops, put to one side, self-containment, relief, lay aside