Statutory Insurance

Statutory Insurance,

Statutory Insurance:

  1. Insurance that must be contracted with insurers in accordance with national, state or federal legislation.

Literal Meanings of Statutory Insurance


Meanings of Statutory:
  1. Required, authorized or authorized by law.

Sentences of Statutory
  1. The court provided legal compensation to each claimant

Synonyms of Statutory

acceptable, permissible, allowable, admissible, legitimate


Meanings of Insurance:
  1. An exercise or arrangement under which a company or government agency guarantees compensation for a particular loss, injury, illness or death in exchange for a premium.

  2. Something to protect against possible emergencies.

Sentences of Insurance
  1. Maintaining a high standard of personal conduct is an excellent guarantee against personal problems.

Synonyms of Insurance

cover, safety measure, financial protection, preventive measure, indemnity, security, surety, shelter, safeguard, provision, protection, defence, immunity, indemnification, precaution