Definition of Statute:

  1. Formally drafted and written law adopted by both chambers or houses of a legislature. Statutes are enacted usually by voting following an open discussion, and signed thereafter by the head of State and included in the countrys statute book. Also called act of parliament, or just act.

  2. A written law passed by a legislative body.

Synonyms of Statute

Law, Regulation, Enactment, Act, Bill, Decree, Edict, Rule, Ruling, Resolution, Promulgation, Measure, Motion, Dictum, Command, Order, Stipulation, Commandment, Directive, Pronouncement, Ratification, Proclamation, Dictate, Diktat, Fiat, Covenant, Demand, By-law, Eighteenth Amendment, Prohibition Party, Volstead Act, Act, Assize, Ban, Bill, Bylaw, Canon, Contraband, Decree, Decretum, Denial, Dictate, Dictation, Disallowance, Edict, Embargo, Enactment, Exclusion, Forbiddance, Forbidden fruit, Forbidding, Form, Formality, Formula, Formulary, Index, Index expurgatorius, Index librorum prohibitorum, Inhibition, Injunction, Institution, Interdict, Interdiction, Interdictum, Jus, Law, Legislation, Lex, Measure, No-no, Ordinance, Ordonnance, Precept, Preclusion, Prescript, Prescription, Prevention, Prohibition, Prohibitory injunction, Proscription, Refusal, Regulation, Rejection, Repression, Restrictive covenants, Rubric, Rule, Ruling, Ruling out, Standing order, Sumptuary laws, Suppression, Taboo, Zoning, Zoning laws

How to use Statute in a sentence?

  1. At this official meeting of the Get Rid of Slimy Girls Club, we are drawing up a statute of punishments to be enacted against members who associate in a friendly manner with slimy girls.
  2. The motorist didnt believe he had broken any laws, and asked the police officer for the number of the statute he had supposedly violated.
  3. Violation of the hate crimes statute.
  4. The new statute restricting the size of political contributions was signed in to law after the politician was found to be receiving large sums of questionable funding.

Meaning of Statute & Statute Definition


STATUTE: What is the Meaning of STATUTE?

  1. A law was passed by the state legislature.

  2. The definition of STATUTE is: Legislation-enacted laws that define rights and duties or prohibit mandates or certain practices.

Meanings of STATUTE

  1. Written law passed by the legislature.

Sentences of STATUTE

  1. Violation of hate crime law

Synonyms of STATUTE

edict , act , enactment , measure , regulation , precept , decree , canon , bill , assize , decretum , ordinance


What is The Meaning of STATUTE?

  • A law has been passed by the state legislature.

  • Laws based on legal texts that define rights and responsibilities or command or prohibit certain behaviors.

Sentences of STATUTE

  1. The law regulates laws relating to non-lethal crimes.

Synonyms of STATUTE

pronunciamento, ukase


STATUTE Definition:

  • A simple definition of STATUTE is: A law is passed by the state legislature.

Sentences of STATUTE

  1. The law sets the law for non-lethal crimes.