Definition of Status:

  1. Sum total of an entitys legal capacity, duties, liabilities, rights, and standing.

  2. The relative social, professional, or other standing of someone or something.

  3. Relative rank in a hierarchy.

  4. The position of affairs at a particular time, especially in political or commercial contexts.

  5. Current state of affairs.

Synonyms of Status

Angle, Base, Bearings, Blood, Bracket, Branch, Cachet, Caliber, Capacity, Case, Caste, Category, Character, Circumstance, Clan, Class, Condition, Consequence, Dignity, Distance, Distinction, Division, Echelon, Eminence, Estate, Face, Fix, Footing, Grade, Ground, Group, Grouping, Head, Heading, Hierarchy, High place, Importance, Jam, Kin, Kudos, Label, Level, Location, Lot, Merit, Modality, Mode, Order, Part, Pass, Perspective, Pickle, Pigeonhole, Place, Plight, Position, Post, Posture, Power structure, Precedence, Predicament, Prestige, Prominence, Quality, Race, Rank, Rate, Rating, Relation, Renown, Reputation, Repute, Role, Rubric, Seat, Section, Sept, Set, Significance, Situation, Sphere, Spot, Stage, Stand, Standing, State, State of affairs, Station, Stature, Status quo, Strain, Stratum, Subdivision, Subgroup, Suborder, Title, Venue, Viewpoint, Worth, Standing, Rank, Ranking, Position, Social position, Station, Level, Footing, Place

How to use Status in a sentence?

  1. I asked Allan for a status report regarding how his team was doing, and he said they were meeting their quarterly sales quotas.
  2. An improvement in the status of women.
  3. An update on the status of the bill.
  4. Nurses do much more than clean up and bring people crackers as they also must regularly check patients vitals and medical status to keep the patient safe.
  5. On Facebook, I decided to post a status update that told everyone I was finally in New York and happier than ever.

Meaning of Status & Status Definition

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Status Meanings:

  • Status means: Testing is used to determine whether an employee is eligible as a sailor under the Jones Act or a Port Worker or Port Worker under the Longshoremen and Long Shore Workers Compensation Act (LHWCCA) Compensation Act. ۔ In order to determine whether an employee is qualified as a sailor, his job must be to contribute to the ship's role or mission. The work required for shipyard workers or shipyard workers is that which includes loading and unloading of ships or maintenance, repair or unloading of ships. Please note that, according to the LHWCA, location must be determined even if an employee proves his or her condition to benefit from the law.

Meanings of Status

  1. Someone's social, professional or other status.

  2. At any time in a business situation, especially in a political or business context.

Sentences of Status

  1. Improving the condition of women

  2. Update invoice status


How Do You Define Status?

  1. Status definition is: To determine if an employee is eligible under the Jones Act or as a postal worker or postal worker under the Longs and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA). In order to determine if an employee is eligible, their activities must be involved in the ship's operation or mission. The requirements for studios or studios are that their activities include loading and unloading or maintenance, repair or dismantling of aircraft. Please note that under the LHWCA, a location must also be specified if an employee can demonstrate their status to receive services provided by law.

Meanings of Status

  1. Related social or professional position.

  2. A situation at some point in a process.

Synonyms of Status

degree, estimation, report


How To Define Status?

  • Status definition is: A test that determines whether an employee is eligible under the Jones Act or as a postal worker or postal worker under the Lungs and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA). In order to determine if an employee is eligible, their activities must be involved in the ship's operation or mission. For stevedores or stevedores, the requirements are that their activities include loading and unloading ships or maintaining, repairing or dismantling ships. Please note that under the LHWCA, a location must also be specified if an employee can demonstrate their status to receive services provided by law.

Meanings of Status

  1. Relative social or professional position.

  2. Situation at some point in the process.