Status Plural

Status Plural

What is the multi-form of status? ۔

Is it law or law?


Since the plural form of status is published, it is usually in English.

1. Status (tall u) is the correct Latin plural (December 4 instead of December 2)

2. Status (long u) is a rare collection form (OED) in English. (And it's true: I encourage everyone to include it in the conversation without attracting outside attention.)

3. City in Latin is not a correct combination, but in English it is very common.

4. The condition is not the correct plural form in Latin, but it is a correct linguistic plural and is also the most common in English.

Thus, we are presented with a cess (very democratic) that can be in the form of legislation or legislation.

Status Plural

Status Plural

Status is a masculine noun of the fourth declension in Latin and thus has the status of a plural, whose spelling is the same, with only one gram of statu.

If you want to indicate that you want to use the plural, you can use "fast", which provides statistics.

I would say that using status means you don't care about the root of the word and have decided to modernize it to your own standards and meet modern standards.


Status Plural