Definition of Stationery:

  1. General: Office supplies (specially paper and envelopes) used for writing, typing, or printing. Not to be confused with stationary which means not moving or having a fixed position.

  2. Writing paper, especially with matching envelopes.

  3. Computing: Several kinds of paper used in printers, such as (1) Single sheet stationery: Paper cut into standard sizes (such as letter, legal, A4), sold usually in reams of 500 sheets and used mainly with friction-feed printers such as inkjet and laser printers. (2) Continuous stationery: fan-folded paper with sprocket holes on sides and transverse perforations for easy separation into individual sheets, used mainly with impact printers. It is of two types: (a) single part consists of only one sheet (ply) of paper, whereas (b) multipart may have two, three, or more plies of carbonless copying paper; the top ply serves as the original and the others as copies. (3) Roll stationery: continuous roll of paper with no folds or perforations but may have sprocket holes on sides, used mainly with impact or thermal printers such as fax machines.

Synonyms of Stationery

Bond paper, Carbon paper, Cardboard, Flimsy, Foolscap, Leaf, Letter paper, Note paper, Pad, Page, Paper, Papyrus, Parchment, Quire, Ream, Rice paper, Scratch pad, Scroll, Sheet, Stencil, Tracing paper, Vellum, Writing paper

How to use Stationery in a sentence?

  1. I suggested that Julia order more stationery as we want to have every tool that can possibly be helpful in our office.
  2. All of the stationery that the office uses, is kept in the large cabinet, by the wall, next to the printer.
  3. It even encourages letter writing with a sampling of stationery and matching envelopes.
  4. Even though we mostly just use computers now sometimes its good to jot your ideas down on stationery the old fashioned way.

Meaning of Stationery & Stationery Definition