Definition of Station:

  1. A company involved in broadcasting of a specified kind.

  2. Put in or assign to a specified place for a particular purpose, especially a military one.

  3. Short for Stations of the Cross.

  4. The place where someone or something stands or is placed on military or other duty.

  5. Physical location equipped with necessary tools and facilities for performing one or more operations.

  6. A regular stopping place on a public transportation route, especially one on a railroad line with a platform and often one or more buildings.

  7. A place or building where a specified activity or service is based.

  8. A site at which a particular species, especially an interesting or rare one, grows or is found.

Synonyms of Station

Channel, Broadcasting organization, Angle, Appoint, Appointment, Arable land, Assign, Barnyard, Barton, Base, Bearings, Berth, Billet, Blood, Bracket, Branch, Case, Caste, Category, Cattle ranch, Chicken farm, Circumstance, Clan, Class, Collective farm, Condition, Cotton plantation, Croft, Dairy farm, Demesne, Demesne farm, Depot, Dignity, Distance, Division, Dry farm, Dude ranch, Echelon, Employment, Engagement, Estate, Face, Factory farm, Fallow, Farm, Farmery, Farmhold, Farmland, Farmplace, Farmstead, Farmyard, Fix, Footing, Fruit farm, Fur farm, Garrison, Gig, Grade, Grain farm, Grange, Grassland, Ground, Group, Grouping, Hacienda, Head, Heading, Hierarchy, High place, Homecroft, Homefarm, Homestead, Incumbency, Install, Jam, Job, Kibbutz, Kin, Kolkhoz, Kudos, Label, Lay, Level, Locate, Location, Lot, Mains, Manor farm, Modality, Mode, Moonlighting, Office, Opening, Orchard, Order, Park, Pass, Pasture, Pen, Perspective, Pickle, Pigeonhole, Place, Plantation, Plight, Pose, Posit, Position, Post, Posture, Poultry farm, Power structure, Precedence, Predicament, Prestige, Put, Race, Ranch, Rancheria, Rancho, Rank, Rate, Rating, Rubric, Seat, Second job, Section, Sept, Service, Set, Sheep farm, Site, Situation, Sphere, Spot, Stage, Stand, Standing, State, Stature, Status, Steading, Stick, Stock farm, Strain, Stratum, Subdivision, Subgroup, Submit, Suborder, Tenure, Title, Toft, Truck farm, Vacancy, Venue, Viewpoint, Put on duty, Post, Position, Place, Set, Locate, Site, Stopping place, Stop, Halt, Station stop, Stage, Establishment, Base, Base camp, Camp, Assigned position, Post, Area of duty, Place, Situation, Location

How to use Station in a sentence?

  1. A radio station.
  2. We walked back to the station and caught the train back to Brussels.
  3. A research station in the rainforest.
  4. Thus, the southernmost stations for the plant in natural habitats are on Virginias James and Chickahominy Rivers.
  5. The lookout resumed his station in the bow.
  6. Troops were stationed in the town.

Meaning of Station & Station Definition

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