Definition of Statics:

  1. The branch of mechanics concerned with bodies at rest and forces in equilibrium.

  2. Study of bodies at rest and forces in equilibrium. See also dynamics.

  3. Another term for static.

Synonyms of Statics

Newtonian physics, Acoustics, Aerophysics, Aerostatics, Applied physics, Astrophysics, Basic conductor physics, Biophysics, Biostatics, Chemical physics, Cryogenics, Crystallography, Cytophysics, Dynamics, Electron physics, Electronics, Electrophysics, Electrostatics, Geophysics, Gyrostatics, Hydrostatics, Macrophysics, Mathematical physics, Mechanics, Medicophysics, Microphysics, Natural philosophy, Natural science, Nuclear physics, Optics, Philosophy, Physic, Physical chemistry, Physical science, Physicochemistry, Physicomathematics, Physics, Psychophysics, Radiation physics, Radionics, Rheostatics, Solar physics, Solid-state physics, Stereophysics, Stereostatics, Theoretical physics, Thermodynamics, Thermostatics, Zoophysics

How to use Statics in a sentence?

  1. He had published a number of works on geometry, mechanics and statics beginning with Eléments de statique in 1803 and following this with: -.

Meaning of Statics & Statics Definition