Definition of Statement:

  1. Law: An oral or written statement or practice that is interpreted or interpreted as a statement.

  2. Specific or explicit expression of something when speaking or writing.

  3. Banking and Commerce - A historical summary of all account-related transactions and their effects on the account during a given period. See also bank statement.

  4. General: The study of formal explanations, statements, representations or situations, events, facts or facts.

Synonyms of Statement

Bill, Comment, Harmonic close, Development, Ornament, Recount, Predicate, Hard information, Avowal, Enunciation, Refrain, Score, Directory, Handout, Hypothesis, Theorem, Articulation, Compurgation, Instruction, Acquaintance, Assumed position, Census, Folderol, Dun, Sentence, Position, Familiarization, Nose count, Testimony, Annual, Vocalization, Narratio, Claim, Introductory phrase, Assumption, Positive declaration, Propositional function, Passage, Notice, Bill of fare, Yearbook, Utterance, Postulatum, Bridge, Ukase, The scoop, Thought, Verse, Measure, Promotional material, Affidavit, Nonsuit, Sworn evidence, Profession, Lemma, Summing up, Incidental information, Transmission, The dope, Averment, Intermezzo, Recapitulation, Minor premise, Announcement, Communication, Proposition, Returns, Presentation, Witness, Philosophical proposition, Bulletin, Programma, Inventory, Repertory, Instrument in proof, Circular, Publicity, Annunciation, Transactions, Observation, Foundation, Factual information, Accounting, Assertion, Proof, Head count, Ledger, Part, Greeting, Proclamation, A priori principle, Figure, Reflection, Note, Summation, Philosopheme, Expression of facts, Rehearsal, Apostrophe, Summing, Hypothesis ad hoc, Itemized bill, Question, Say, Recital, Address, Protest, Categorical proposition, Chorus, Variation, Legal evidence, Bill of lading, Attest, Interlude, Major premise, Strain, Message, Apriorism, Tutti, Data, Libel, Answer, Utterance, Postulate, Proceedings, Deposition, Sworn testimony, Protestation, Exclamation, Admission, Complaint, Bass passage, Knowledge, Interjection, Voice, Response, Phrase, Minutes, Communique, The record, Say-so, Saying, Manifesto, Bill of complaint, Blue book, Body count, The goods, Notification, Nolle prosequi, Presupposition, Anacrusis, Capitulation, Release, The know, Affirmance, Communication, Resolution, Affirmation, Vent, Attestation, Carte, Summary, Ritornello, Announcement, Bourdon, Pronouncement, Account rendered, Guidebook, Evidence, Edict, Account, Publication, Bulletin board, Stance, Word, Section, Axiom, White book, Burden, Tally, Brief, General information, Description, Movement, Sworn statement, Sidelight, Disclosure, Census report, Thesis, Exposition, White paper, Musical phrase, Tab, Accounts, Program, Recounting, Stand, Tutti passage, Creed, Ground, Election returns, Facts, Postulation, Presentment, Cadence, Ipse dixit, Division, Declaration, Pronunciamento, Truth-value, Bill of account, Books, Period, Avouchment, Tailpiece, Gen, Encyclical, Datum, Truth-function, Information, Menu, Dispatch, Narrative, Stanza, Declaration, Remark, Expression, Assertion, Count, Coda, Check, Parthian shot, Intelligence, First principles, Sumption, Invoice, Predication, Mention, Asseveration, Verbalization, Reckoning, Report, Basis, Supposal, Light, Affirmation, Acta, Musical sentence, Allegation, Briefing, Public notice, Conclusion, Crack, Position paper, Expression of views, Dictum, Subjoinder, Testimonium, Info, Statement of facts, Vouch, Enlightenment, Premise, Testimonial, Manifest, Truth table

How to use Statement in a sentence?

  1. Do you agree with this observation?

Meaning of Statement & Statement Definition

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Statement Definition:

  • Statement means: Hidden or online details of all activities in your credit card account for specific billing cycles, including transactions, fees, interest charges, payments and credit.

  • A simple definition of Statement is: Payment orders for goods or services sold contain a detailed summary of invoices, any credits and arrears. Usually prepared and shipped from time to time.

  • The definition of Statement is: A summary of all transactions made in the past month that may be linked to a credit or credit card account.

  • Statement can be defined as, Customer summary of last month's transaction.

  • A letter, recording or mechanical, electrical or other copy, written by a person and signed or accepted by that person, including an oral statement and a brief or written statement or reference to it , Is basically a report about being verbal.

Meanings of Statement

  1. Specific or explicit expression of something when speaking or writing.

Sentences of Statement

  1. Do you agree with this observation?


Statement: What is the Meaning of Statement?

  1. Print or online description of all activity of the reporting cycle on your credit card account, including transactions, fees, interest charges, payments and credit.

  2. Definition of Statement: The request for payment for the goods or services sold includes a detailed summary of the invoice, all credits and outstanding balance. It is usually produced and broadcast at regular intervals.

Meanings of Statement

  1. Specific or explicit expression of something, spoken or written.

  2. A document that explains the elements of debit and credit between a bank or other organization and a customer.

  3. Representation of a theme or melody in a composition.

  4. Formally assesses that (the child) has special educational needs.

Synonyms of Statement

recitation, divulgence, promulgation, communiqué, revelation, expression of views/facts, expounding, explanation


How Do You Define Statement?

  1. Printed or online description of all activities on your credit card account for a given statement cycle, including transactions, fees, interest charges, payments, and credits.

  2. A simple definition of Statement is: The request for payment for the goods or services sold contains a detailed summary of the receipt billed, all credits, and the balance. It is usually produced and broadcast at regular intervals.

  3. Summary of all transactions in the previous month which can be credited to the deposit account or credit card account.

Meanings of Statement

  1. Specific or explicit expression, speech or writing of something.

  2. Formally estimates that (the child) has special educational needs.

Sentences of Statement

  1. Review of announced children